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“MY VIEW FROM THE CORNER” BY ANGELO DUNDEE WITH BERT RANDOLPH SUGAR. ( FOREWARD BY MUHAMMAD ALI ). I started following boxing with the emergence of Cassius Clay in the early 1960’s. Whether you liked Clay or not he must be given credit for revamping the business of boxing. He was to boxing what the Beatles were to music. Clay who would later become Muhammad Ali changed the face of the sport. During the colorful, radical and turbulent times of Clay / Ali, renown trainer Angelo Dundee was there to witness it. In Angelo’s new book ” My View From The Corner “, he takes us along for the ride with Ali and the rest of his entourage and it was one heck of a ride. Angelo is one of the most respected men in boxing and through this book you could see why. His sincere and honest outlook on everything he has witnessed in the fight game comes shining through. From Angelo’s early beginnings as promoter brother Chris Dundee’s ” go fer ” through his association with the great Carmen Basilio. Chris Dundee’s ” kid brother ” began to carve his own way He listened and learned from the best of the old school trainers like Ray Arcel, Whitey Bimstien and Charley Goldman. Little by little he rose to the forefront of his profession. Working with the likes of Willie Pastrano, Ralph Dupas, Luis Rodriguez and eventually Ali and a host of others. This book took me through the history of the era I grew up in. From the post Ali period to Angelo’s time working with Sugar Ray Leonard. Angelo has been a major player in boxing’s big picture for decades. To me this was a ” must read ” and it brought back a lot of fond memories. I highly recommend this fine book.

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