The Cleveland Indians versus the New York Yankees, postponed . The rains couldn’t have come at a better time for Terry Francona, and his Cleveland Indians. Francona, has no starting catchers, and he is lacking, pitcher too.

The Indians, got hammered by the New York Yankees, in the first 2 games of this series, the Yankees out scored the Indians by 18 runs. What does that say about Francona’s starting rotation? The Indians completely over looked bringing in some solid pitchers.

They have plenty of talent on the team at other positions. Without good pitching the Tribe is going to be hard pressed to win many games this season. After playing 8 games, the Indians are already sitting in last place in the A.L. Central.

The Yankees, weren’t a very good team coming into Cleveland. They only won 2 of their 6 games. The Cleveland Indians starting pitchers, sure helped the Yankees find their confidence. New York has had their way with Francona’s starting staff and then some. Last night they put 14 runs on  the board to the Indians 1 run.

The front office in Cleveland, didn’t put on their thinking cap this off-season. If they would have, they would have realized it takes more than hitting to win ball games. The pitchers in the series against the Yankees thus far, made it look like the Yankees were taking batting practice.

New York had 18 hits in the second game of the series. Cleveland has a strong bull-pen, that is for sure. Francona is already trying to save them after 8 games. What a shame. He souldn’t have to worry about his Bull-Pen after 8 games.

Some one in the Indians organization completely missed the boat in the off-season. It’s now wonder there is a clause in Francona’s contract that stipulates he can leave if Mark Shapiro or Chris Antonetti gets fired.

These guys knew they were going to screw the pooch and they built-in a safety net to protect their jobs. Those two guys should be the first ones to get fired. If they do, Francona would walk. The Cleveland Indians as an organization is turning into a joke.

There is no one in the Tribes front office that can sit there with a straight face and say, they didn’t think they would have a pitching problem this season.

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