By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

Will our Cleveland Indians take us almost there again?,or will they replay the 1948 World Series? We the fans of Cleveland are so naive to think other wise of our Indians. You would think after 64 seasons that we would get our heads out of our butts long enough to look at the waste of time and loyalty spent on a losing team. From generation to generation losing ,losing, and losing some more where does it end. Someone needs to consider maybe we really do need a name change, we’ve tried everything else. We’ve tried great ¬†pitchers,hitters,and great coaches. It’s time to take into consideration we could be cursed. We are definitly living up to the name mistake on the lake. Come on Cleveland enough is enough already. Lets send a message to the owners come up with a winning team or die hard like we have. We deserve better after 64 years of ticket sales beer popcorn peanuts hot dogs and cracker jacks. We built a new stadium with hope. Now its time to hit the grand slam,its the bottom of the 9th bases loaded full count.!!!!! HIT OR GET OFF THE PLATE.

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