Joe Banner and his Cleveland Browns open the season in 6 days. The team doesn’t have a replacement for the one guy the team could always count on, Phil Dawson. Will 2013 be the year the fans find out how to dislike Joe Banner?

Banner is Haslam’s money saver. He was brought into the Cleveland Browns organization to make Haslam all the money that they can squeeze out the the good people of Cleveland. Banner sent the only guy packing the the Cleveland Browns could count on since returning to the NFL in 1999. Now the fans can watch as Dawson helps the San Francisco 49ers return to the Super Bowl

Can you imagine if the game is on the line and the Browns send some kicker onto the frozen field at First Energy stadium to win the game and this unproven kicker misses the chance? How much love will the fans have for Banner if that happens?

It is amazing to me that Dawson was good enough to join a team that is a serious contender in the NFL and yet Banner thought it was better to pinch a few bucks off the Browns pay roll. What the heck is this guy thinking. Banner must think anyone can go into those swirling winds coming off lake Erie in the winter months and kick a game winning field goal.

After all there is no pressure in the position. There was no reason to keep the only Browns player that was on the roster since 1999. Why keep a guy that costs a few extra bucks when you can impress your boss with the savings to the team.

It wasn’t even like the Browns were up against the cap. Yes sir, I can see Joe Banner becoming a real hero to Browns fans this season…….

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  1. Old Goat

    What is even worse with Weedhead at the helm last year, PD was the one that could points on the board with certainty. Now they have a improved Weedhead (yeah right and I have ocean front property 4 sale in Arizona)no no reliable field goal kicker… Great job Browns. Winning 5 games could be considered a great year in 2013.

    • Tom Wynne

      the schedule suggests 7-9 IF Richardson stays healthy. With no viable back-ups(Dion Lewis an enormous loss)…really bad results should Richardson get hurt. Of course…in LG’s world…it will be ALL Weeden’s fault!!!

      • LG

        Ya think so Tom?

  2. RBJ75

    What the hell is wrong with Banner.How do you let what kickers you did have go, and tell me we are very close to starting the season without a kicker.

    Something is wrong with this picture. Further, Banner should be gone just for his stupid move of letting Dawson go.

    How long are we going to have to put up with this idiot.

  3. Stien

    Well, lets see, he was to make more then a third of the leagues starting qb’s. He was the best kicker in the history of the Browns, but the cost just got to be too much. And, BTW, the 49ers signed him for less then what he got paid last season, let alone the raise he wanted for this season. Had he agreed to take less money, he would have stayed.

  4. Eric Evans

    What an uninformed piece of crap. Dawson was Franchised 2 years running and sold his house in Cleveland last year. Dawson wanted to go to a contender. Don’t begrudge him that. But outside of franchising him a 3rd time there was zero way of keeping him Cleveland.

    The next you shoot your mouth off LG, do a little research 1st. That way you won’t look like an uninformed rear end shooting your mouth off.

  5. Randy

    Gotta agree with every word you said here!……..for a change.

  6. RICK

    LG, Don’t get all excited. Kickers aren’t that hard to find off waivers. Big deal. Do you actually think that they don’t have a plan for a kicker? You have been selling the coaching staff short all year and they have proven you wrong so far. It,s gonna be a good year so try and enjoy it if you can.

    • LG

      Proven me wrong???? LMAO they haven’t played a game yet……LOL

  7. JohnnyV

    Have to agree with Eric – there was no way that Dawson was staying. Outside looking in it sure looks like they dropped the ball. Two words – Havard Rugland. Problem solved.

  8. Dmast

    Why do you hate the guy so much? Holmgren and Heckert dropped the ball on Dawson. Would you rather have them back? The real villains here are the Lerners. After helping Modell move the team, they horribly mismanaged them and doubled their money. The new regime actually knows what they’re doing.

    • LG

      It was up to Banner to keep him now we go into the season kicker-less….

      • Eric Evans

        LOL you are dumb. Please explain how you keep someone when they don’t wana be kept?!??! Outside franchising a 3rd time and thus giving him top 5 money in the league period. There was no way to keep Dawson.

        Any another statements to such is pure trolling.

        • LG

          Hey Dawson would have love to retire as a Browns player…..

          • Anonymous

            So why is he a 49er? If HE wanted to be a Brown he would be. That is the beauty iof being a free agent.

          • LG

            Cuz the Browns wouldn’t offer him the job that is why…..

  9. browns fan

    LG, can you tell me the last time you made a positive comment about the Browns. OMG, if I had all the negative thoughts you do about the Browns, I’d just go ahead and kill myself.
    Btw, why don’t you put us all out of your misery and just do that???

    • LG


  10. BrwnsFan4EVer

    Dawson wouldn’t have stayed here. Too many years where we franchised him rather than paying him what he is worth. Plus, he wanted to go west and closer to home. I don’t think that Banner can be blamed 100% for his departure. After all, we still don’t know and probably will never know what negotiations went on behind the scenes. Maybe the Browns didn’t initiate negotiations or maybe Phil just wasn’t receptive to them.

    Either way, I’d love to see the man put a ring on his finger in San Fran.

  11. Daniel Jones

    There is more to the story than we know.A new regime always replaces anyone with tenure that might contest there program and yes Phil Dawson was our most reliable player and the one pro bowl member of the Browns.Banners insecurity cost us the best kicker in the league and we will have a hard time replacing him.

    • Old Goat

      They did want the old guard anymore, especially one that loved by the fans. Out with the old and in with the new for half the price.

  12. Frank

    Next Monday,”someone” will be in there
    kicking off and field goals,MAYBE they
    are going to surprise us and bring in TEBOW!!

    Seriously,if it were my call,I’d bring him in for
    a tryout at running back,they better find
    someone,or they’ll grind Richardson into the
    ground,then the defences will kill Weedon!!

  13. richard

    I have been a Browns fan since 1964. Maybe the new owner will turn it around but he won’t do it with his money. Just be glad you also don’t have Haslam’s brother as a governor. Money comes first ,above all else, with the Haslams. Rebates anyone?


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