Is the NFL ready for an openly gay player? Not according to 6 league executives and coaches who spoke to Sports Illustrated with the condition of having anonymity. These 8 men think Michael Sam just created himself a very difficult path to follow.

The 8 men think Sam’s draft stock will plummet before the NFL draft in May. The coaches and executives think a publicity circus and an NFL locker room culture not prepared to deal with an openly gay player. Sam could have just black-balled himself much in the same way Tim Tebow did.

The NFL doesn’t seem to  like anything that is bigger than the league itself. Tebow is a prime example of that. The media were more intrigued with Tebow than they were with anything else. If Sam were to be drafted onto an NFL team, the media circus to follow, would be a huge distraction to the rest of the team according to what these 8 men told SI.

Sam was the SEC defensive player of the year. The 8 men said he was projected to be a mid- to late-round draft pick prior to his announcement.

None of the 8 men that talked to SI think he will be anywhere near that high of a draft pick now. Some of the men don’t even think an NFL team will draft Sam.
According to these 8 men, and the way they talked to SI, the NFL is nowhere near being ready to openly accept an openly gay player. Not yet anyway. You can read the entire SI article by clicking here.

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