By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

There is a very old mansion sitting higher than one could imagine.There have many different types of people that have lived there over countless time. In this mansion were many closets, and in only one closet there was a secret closet,in this strange and most covert closet, was treasure beyond comprehension.Most of the tenants that had the opportunity to find the treasure, never found it although it. Why? Most never could remember where they came from, others because of greed never asked for help, and even more had no will to search. One day a person with the tenacity,and fortitude looked the only place that had not been searched. This person began a vigorous search ,and self examination, that led to a place seldom visited by most. Once in side, it was unbelievable,the truths that began to be revealed.First seen was, I am the way the truth and the light no one can get to the Father except by Me. The door began to open with sound of metal against metal. A great light shown from a crack as the anticipation grew.The glare began to form, a figure seemed to appear,looking closer as the door began to expose what was inside more and more,they saw their self  looking back at them self.They found their treasure in the secret closet of their Heart filled with the wealth of life, and the richness of  the beauty of Creation!

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