Your advertising dollars go further with Streaming Sports Talk.


Question: Why do you advertise?

Answer: To place your products or services in view of prospective buyers.

Streaming Sports Talk is an internet radio station that offers advertisers affordable solutions to market their products or services to the public. After all, isn’t that what we all want?Streaming Sports Talk offers advertising at a rate that people can afford. 2013 was the first year the business community actually started budgeting monies specifically for on-line advertising.

The trick to any ad campaign is to get your products or services in front of as many people as possible in the public domain and at a price you can afford. Not only do we make commercials for your business, we can offer printable coupons or any other deals you may want to offer.

We not only place your ads on the Streaming Sports Talk site and in the show’s commercials, we also include your advertising campaign on our other two sites as well.Streaming Sports Talk is a network of sites that is sure to get your ad seen. Below is a diagram of the internet “traffic” that Streaming Sports Talk has been under in the last 16 months alone.

Cleveland Sports 360 is one of the fastest growing sports sites in the country. You can see by the traffic numbers contained in the image above your ad will be seen.  With over 379,000 unique Visitors during 2012, and over 580,000 visits and well over 2 million page views, ask your self how your ad could not be seen.  That’s over 5 million hits in 2012 and CS-360 is on pace to surpass those numbers in 2013.

You do the math. A typical $600 dollar ad campaign on CS-360 for the 6 month term costs you .ooo14 per hit and we haven’t included the USA Sports 360 traffic yet.

USA Sports 360 is our third network site. Born in March of 2012, USA Sports 360 wasted little time coming into its own. USA Sports 360 enjoys an enormous amount of traffic for a site that is just over a year old.  Have a look at the image below and see for yourself.

USA Sports Traffic

USA Sports 360 Traffic Stats

You can see by the image above, USA Sports 360 had over 97,000 visitors in February and March of 2013. The site is growing quickly, already in the first week of April 2013. USA Sports 360 had almost 40,000 visitors.

You do the math. No one gets your ads in front of more people for the lowest cost possible than Streaming Sports Talk does. We will be more than happy to create an advertising campaign that fits your budget.

So give us a call at 216-672-4300 and let us help you with your advertising needs. We will be more than happy to quote you our advertising prices. You can count on us at Streaming Sports Talk to help you with your advertisement needs.. What are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and give us a call now at 216-672-4300. If we aren’t in, no worries. We never miss a call. All of our voice mails are sent via e-mail to where ever we are. SO don’t wait any longer to get your internet advert working for you now.