When the Cleveland Browns named Norv Turner as their offensive coordinator, the fans were excited. He came into Cleveland and the head coach and him stated what a great vertical offense the team was going to have behind the strong-arm of their soon to be 30-year-old quarterback.

Turner has yet to put any of his attacking vertical offense on display. As a matter of fact, his offense doesn’t look much different from the dink and dunk offense that Pat Shurmur ran with the Browns last season.

Turner has yet to show any reason the Browns brought him in as their offensive coordinator. His best days as an offensive coordinator may be behind him. He isn’t showing any of the down field passing attack the Browns were talking about during training camp and his team is now 0-2.

When a team takes a player, they make him take a physical. The Browns should have given Turner a physical to test his mental capacity when before signing him on as the teams offensive coordinator.

Turner is 61-years-old and he could be suffering from memory loss. It happens to the best of them and it could be taking a toll on turner. He doesn’t seem to remember what a vertical passing attack looks like.

His team is now through 2 games in the 2013 season and they are ranked out of the top 20 with only week one being calculated thus far. The Browns didn’t get any bargains when they brought Turner on board.

He doesn’t seem to be able to get things headed in the right direction. It doesn’t look like the Browns are an improved team and if things keep going the way they went in the first 2 games, it is going to be difficult to justify why Norv Turner is a part of the Cleveland Browns coaching staff.

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  1. Bill Maltby

    I was so excited to get Turner but then, oh no. As soon as they walk into the office everyone loses their mind. I started watching and going to games in 1963 when I was 7 yrs old. Now for so reason they play like they are 7 years old. Everyone had to know when they cut Phil Dawson. Then the usual pre-season garbage goes on. We all just set shaking our heads. Then we make the final set of cuts and have NO kicker. Even I know you need a kicker & punter. I guess we wait ’til next year and get AJ McCarron to run the show and a new OC.. Same crap different year, over and over again..

  2. David

    It’s not all Norv’s fault. His #1 WR is out because he had to have his Purple Drank (I don’t buy the I had a cold excuse), so the default #1 is a guy who couldn’t catch a cold or hold onto that cold if he had to. Richardson can’t break free because he has minimal run blocking, a lead back who weighs less then he does and a QB who isn’t ready for prime time.

    We are screwed. Start Campbell or Hoyer.

    • David

      Is it me or does that pic look like Tommy Lee Jones?

  3. Phil

    I posted this on several sites at the time NT and son were hired.

    Norv Turner, he rod¬e the coattails of Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith. Michael Irvin, anyone would be a great OC with that crew. He failed in San Francisco & Miami as OC, failed in Washington, failed in Oakland as HC failed in San Diego as HC took a 14-2 Charger team and made it a laughing stock of the AFC west. Got rid of star players,Tomilson, Brees, M.Turner, Sproles, Jackson, ruined Philip Rivers. His coaching record speaks for it self, 114 wins 122 losses. And I hear his son is part of the deal. Browns fans will suffer again.
    I am a ex-Clevelander a die hard Browns fan since 1950. We here in San Diego were glad to see Norv Turner FIRED
    Expectations have to be tempered with Turner. His last two stints as coordinator haven’t been instant restoration projects. Under Turner, the Dolphins offense finished 15th in 2002 and 24th in 2003. His last stop as coordinator was 2006 in San Francisco, where the offense was 26th in the league but quarterback Alex Smith showed signs of a turnaround.

    • JohnnyV

      Turner never coached Brees. Brees played for the Saints starting 2006. Turner started coaching the Chargers in 2007. Turner went 56-40 with one loosing season in San Diego. We’d be orgasmic if that happened in Cleveland.

      • LG

        You damn right about that Johnny V

  4. Don

    No Quarterback can move a team down the field when the receivers can not hold onto the ball or even catch it.
    T Rich can not go up the middle if the line does not give him a running lane.
    There are a lot of problems on the offensive line and not isolated to one area.
    The defensive front is one of the best in the league but the defensive secondary other then Haden is awful.
    As usual WFNY.

    • LG

      last year the Browns had one of the best lines in football and he still couldn’t rush up the middle……

      • Anonymous

        LG they were one of the best pass blocking lines according to stats. But I contend that they were helped out by the short passing game, the ball comes out quick on a five yard pass. I don’t think other than Thomas and maybe Mack that the Browns have a line that anybody else wants. It doesn’t appear that they are able to win the battle in the trenches.

        • LG

          You may be right….it is looking pretty pathetic this season.

  5. Dave

    Did anyone really expect the Browns to win in Baltimore? We stopped their running game and they stopped ours. Weeden only has two receivers to throw to, the tight ends.Our offensive line has to improve. We played the Champs and we played great defense. Stop Crying. Richardson will do just fine, the play calling was bad.

  6. Don

    Last year T Rich rushed for almost 1000 yards. In fact he set a rushing record last year. He did all of that while being injured most of the year.
    If the offensive line can not open holes and he has no lead blocker he is going to get stuffed at the line.

    • LG

      He still finished way down the list of top performers

  7. PAT

    I’ve been a browns fan as long as I can remember., why cant we have a good offense? Lets take Bernie Kosar’s old playbook and let Bernie call an offensive plan., who knows it might work!!!!

  8. RT

    This is so frustrating, we have absolutely no personnel at the skill positions, why the hell is Greg little even on the field he can’t catch a damn thing(where is massaqui)? On defense skrine in the secondary is pathetic. I hope eithe Campbell or Boyer should start Sunday we can’t be any worst. School is still out on chudzinski it doesn’t seem to bring much to the table. Browns fans button up its going to be a LONG year.


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