Just a day ago, we heard stories about how well Tim Tebow’s quarterbacking skills were coming along. Today, there are stories saying yesterday’s story was purely manufactured to get a quarterback coach some popularity. It seems that people want to use Tebow for the publicity.

Was this the case with quarterback coach Steve Clarkson?  It is now being reported that Clarkson sought out Tebow so he could get some publicity. It was reported that Tebow and Clarkson worked out for three days, now the story says they only worked out for a day.

The reports out today say, that Clarkson “sought out” and “begged” Tebow to work out with him. This is what Rich Cimini reported from ESPN New York. Tebow may not even be on a NFL roster win the season starts. Reports say the Jets would release him if he can;t be traded.

The first thing I would caution people on is, don’t believe everything you hear coming out of New York. The Jets coach has a tendency to do the complete opposite of what is reported. Tim Tebow could very well be on the Jets roster once the season starts.

It isn’t like they have a quarterback, that is knocking the play-off doors down to take the team where they want to go. Will Tim Tebow be in the NFL come fall? We don;t know, could he be on the Jets we don;t know that either. But I wouldn’t put anything past Rex Ryan.

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  1. Bishop Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin

    Why won’t they just leave this man alone! They only do this because he is who he is a child of God and Loves the Lord. But know matter what He will be Ok the Lord will never leave or forsake him. I have a word for him Whole on!


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