The Cleveland Browns have let the fans down again this season. Now the fans have to be wondering what is going to happen when it is time for Joe Banner to deal with center Alex Mack and Safety T.J. Ward.

Both men are pro-bowl caliber players and both men are going to be free agents at season’s end. Banner the CEO of the Cleveland Browns has a long reputation of letting very talented players walk to save a buck.

When it comes to Alex Mack, the team would be hard pressed to find another center as talented and as durable as he is. Mack gets the job done and the offensive line already is in need of bolstering.

If the team would let Mack walk in the free agent market, they are really going to have problems protecting the quarterback and rush blocking. Banner has to overlook his cheapness when it comes to Mack and it would be in everyone’s best interest to re-sign Mack and keep him in Cleveland for the rest of his career.

T.J. Ward is having a pro bowl season. Sure the team hasn’t won, but it has some good players in the defensive secondary. Ward is a guy that helps in the passing game as well as run tackling.

Again, Joe Banner is going to have to overlook his past and do the right thing by re-signing Ward. He is a guy the Browns can’t afford to lose. If Banner lets him walk, he is going to be hard pressed to find a guy to play as well as Ward.

It isn’t going to come out of one NFL draft. You aren’t going to pick up a pro-bowl center and a pro bowl caliber safety like Ward. Banner has to come to the table prepared to spend the kind of money it takes to re-sign these guys….

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  1. ForeverABrownsFan

    “they are really going to have problems protecting the quarterback and rush blocking.” As this wasn’t an issue all season already.

    They need to find some tackles and guards to help out with the protecting of the QB and pass rush, since they couldn’t get it done this season.

    I will have to agree to keep Mack and Ward and I am still ticked off by them letting Dawson to be traded because who we have now isn’t as good as Dawson.

    All I know if they screw the pooch on this draft, I will be sending the Browns Organization a piece of my mind, every day after the drafts.

  2. Old Goat

    What do you expect, the Browns are in Baltimore and the hilly billies own the team


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