By now, you have had to hear about all the allegations coming out about Auburn’s football program.  The alleged allegations date back to the 2010 BCS championship. The team Cam Newton was a part of. Newton came out and said he knew nothing about any use of synthetic marijuana or players getting paid and the hiding of poor grades to keep players in the game.

Auburn is trying to ignore the allegations and why wouldn’t they? People have to think there was something taking place in the Auburn Tigers team, why would these allegations come out if nothing happened. Sure Auburn is a power house with their football program, the point is if nothing goes on then allegations don’t normally come out.

The NCAA is going to have to launch a major investigation to what went on at Auburn. If they find out the program hid players grades so they could continue to play, the NCAA is going to be left with no choice but to hand down sanctions.

With Gus Malzahn coming out and making the statement he thinks Auburn is handling the allegations well, you have to wonder what he knows about them. It would be hard to believe he didn’t know anything about grades being hidden if it took place.

Malsahn is trying to say that nobody associated with the football program has been distracted by the reports coming out. How can that be coach? You and your administration may be trying to pretend it isn’t a distraction, we still find it hard to believe it wouldn’t be.

Malzahn may be doing a good job playing these reports off now, when the NCAA gets going I would like to hear what he has to say then. There is no way we can believe this isn’t a distraction. It has to be. Who does Malzahn think he is fooling?

Auburn is going to have a major distraction this season and if the allegations are true, they deserve to be distracted.



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