There is still plenty of time for ice hockey betting fans to get their
outright bets in on which side they think will grab the Stanley Cup
glory this season. The regular season is due to run until early April,
following which their will be the play-offs for the Cup, but we are far
enough into the season to have a better idea of which sides are
realistically in contention. Many of the teams ranked amongst the
bookies’ favourites, such as the Blackhawks and the Bruins, are amongst
the most successful NHL teams – so which side should you pick?

Well the Blackhawks, who are the Stanley Cup and Western Conference
holders, have got to be considered a very strong pick to defend both
successfully this season. They sit in their familiar position, on top of
the Central Division, and are the bookmakers’ 18/5 favourites for the
Conference. However they are ranked just below the Pittsburgh Penguins
for the Stanley Cup, at 7/1, but are still a good pick for this. The
Penguins have been outstanding in the Metropolitan Division this season,
and are a serious rival to Blackhawks and the Bruins, making picking a
winner hard, especially compared with playing a game like Break Away at
one of the casino sites.

Given its status as one of the top spectator sports in America and
Canada, it’s a bit surprising that there aren’t more casino slot games
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This game features absolutely top notch graphics, depicting all of the
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