I guess you can say Brandel Chamblee, offered an apology to Tiger Woods concerning the cheating comments. Chamblee had to be under pressure from the power to be over at the Golf Channel. I am surprised that he would offer up an apology, after all he didn’t fabricate any lies.

Woods is what he is. He was caught violating the rule of golf several time this season and he was penalized strokes. Why do you have to add strokes to your card? Because you broke the rules. What do we know breaking the rules as? Cheating, it is that simple.

Chamblee in a series of tweets had this to say, “Golf is a gentleman’s game and I’m not proud of this debate. I want to apologize to Tiger for this incited discourse.”

He also sent a tweet that said this; My intention was to note Tiger’s rules infractions this year, but comparing that to cheating in grade school went too far.

What is interesting is, when you visit and you look up the word “Cheat” the definition is as follows;


[cheet] Show IPA

verb (used with object)
1. to defraud; swindle: He cheated her out of her inheritance.
2. to deceive; influence by fraud: He cheated us into believing him a hero.
3. to elude; deprive of something expected: He cheated the law by suicide.
verb (used without object)
4. to practice fraud or deceit: She cheats without regrets.
5. to violate rules or regulations: He cheats at cards.
6. to take an examination or test in a dishonest way, as by improper access to answers.
7. Informal. to be sexually unfaithful (often followed by on  ): Her husband knew she had been cheating all along. He cheated on his wife.
You’ll notice the definition in bold pertains to the Tiger Woods violation during the PGA tour events. He clearly violated the rule otherwise he wouldn’t have been assessed extra strokes. Therefore, he cheated by every definition of the word cheat.
Brandel Chamblee should have nothing to apologize for. Tiger Woods cheated and he got caught.


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  1. dale

    I wish media people would stick to their guns and not back down from Tiger. He doesn’t speak to most reporters unless they love him. He proudly says winning is everything things, throws his kids and wife under the bus so he can have sex with anyone. Gets a dumb blonde Vonn (as she goes for the money) so she can walk the course and he can show everyone I still can have and do anything I want. I feel sorry for Brandel for being honest.

    • LG

      Great comment you’re exactly right….

  2. Jerald Burger

    Brandel Chamblee is one of my favorite analysts in golf and does not deserve to be chastised because Tiger seems to control too much of viewer participation in professional golf. He is not a good role model to be bestowed that much Nielson power!! If we stop backing down from him he will stop controlling our precious game because the game IS BIGGER than him and should be treated as such!!

    • LG



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