By Bishop Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin

Brandon Weeden is doing great in mini camp, that’s touch football… But what about regular season and the pass rush is on and will he panic, fumble and miss throws. Cleveland has yet to select a starting QB for the 2013 season. Will he be up to it when the real pressure is come. The pressure and pass rush will he stay in the pocket and lead his team to a season of victory? He says; “I don’t want that to change,”’ he said. “Oh, that would be tough. I’m still competing every day and competing with myself, so I’m worried about me.” So are the rest of us fans.

He said he still expects this to be his team. Touch football is one thing and tackle is another! He says again;

“I really haven’t changed my approach since day one,” he said. “I’m right where I want to be. Overall I think my progress was pretty good. Each practice got better for myself, not only for me for the offense. I’m pleased with it. Am I satisfied? Absolutely not.” I’m glad to hear that!

Coach Rob Chudzinski said Weeden is clearly currently with the ones, Jason Campbell with the twos and Brian Hoyer with the threes. But he stressed that there’s a lot of time left before the season and that everyone will get their opportunities to show what they can do.

Weeden said he feels good about how well he’s picking up the new offense and how well the players around him are performing in touch football , but the NFL is hands on football. Will Weeden be a Quarter Back of the brand star QB’s, will he prove to be a weenie.

Bishop Abu H Mujahiddin, Host -The Sports Outreach Ministries Show

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