The Cleveland Browns are obviously stuck with a guy taking up a roster spot that could be used for a productive player. The player in question is Brandon Weeden, we won’t even refer to him as a back-up quarterback seeing how he performed in the Ravens game.

Cleveland looks to have a real shot in contending in the AFC North this season. The one thing that could stop it from happening would be an injury to Jason Campbell. The Browns now have no practical back up quarterback to come into a game and keep the team competitive.

Weeden is taking up a spot on the team’s roster that could be used for someone who can actually help the team if the need arises. He should do the honorable thing and follow in the footsteps of former Broncos player John Moffitt. Weeden should want to see the Browns do well.

He should know by know that he sucks as an NFL quarterback and with his fear of taking the big hit, he could cost the Browns a shot at competing. He knew he couldn’t cut it in Major League baseball and he walked away, went back to college and tried to make it in another sport.

He should do the same thing now. He should pack his belongings, head back to Oklahoma, go back to college to get a PHD and try out for the golf team. Golf is not a team sport and it is something that a guy like Weeden could compete in. This way he wouldn’t threaten the Browns chances of winning.

He has to know by now that his time is the NFL is coming to an end. If he learned anything in Cleveland, he had to learn he doesn’t have it to compete in the NFL. Come on Weeden, don’t stick around and ruin it for everyone else on the team or the fans.

Tell the coaches you have seen the light and you now know you aren’t cut out for the NFL. Moffitt did it and he didn’t lose anyone’s respect. You could do the very same thing and in your case, you might even gain some respect.


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  1. Paul Avery


    • Arthur

      Exactly Paul. Well said.

  2. luke49

    You have got to be nuts! If Campbell goes down in a game then what? Run Cousins out there to take a few snaps? The browns have had a chance to pick up another QB if there was one out there that they thought might help. Other than Weeden they don’t even have a scout team QB. They had roster room when Hoyer went on IR, but they didn’t pick up another QB. If they want rid of Weeden for the roster room all they have to do is cut him. Weeden evidently still thinks he can still play the game, just like you seem the think you can and should write this crap. Evidently Browns management that you have started praising, thinks there is no better option out there and are ready to go with it if necessary. Live with it!

    • LG

      Luke49, if you think Weeden is a viable answer in the event campbell goes down, then I suggest it is you that is nuts. The Browns are playing Russian roulette with the QB situation, they know there is now way in hell weeden can help this team win consistently and they’re just hoping nothing happens to Campbell. We all are hoping nothing happens to Campbell the entire browns fan base.

      • Anonymous

        I certainly hope that Campbell doesn’t go down, but Browns management seem to be prepared to go with Weeden if it does. It doesn’t really matter what I or You think about , what matters is what they think about it. While we are on the subject of QBs with Campbell and hopefully Hoyer coming back next year I don’t really see the need of drafting a new QB prospect, unless they can draft the best prospect out there, and not just the best one available when your pick comes around. We have seen how that works. We can probably help ourselves the most with a top running back or even two of them, maybe a fullback if anyone even has one.

  3. AL

    I actually think Weeden will be gone by next game , they can find anyone to fill his shoes, there just sizing up the best option out there or waiting till after this week for someone to free up !!


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