Cleveland Browns head coach rob Chudzinski isn’t even thinking about making a change at the quarterback position. Even though Jason Campbell didn’t have a good game, he is sticking with the veteran for Sunday’s match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chud knows what his options are, he also knows that a bad performance by Campbell is still better than watching Brandon Weeden play. Campbell didn’t have his finest hour in a Cleveland Browns uniform in Cincinnati Sunday, but neither did the rest of the team, other than the defense.

Special teams made some critical errors that forced the Browns into a bad position. The Browns long snapper, Christian Yount said one of the blocked punts is on him for a bad snap, not the wind.

Chudzinski also said, he believed the refs gave the Browns a bad spot in the first quarter and marked the ball on the 2 yard line. he said had they spotted the ball properly on the one yard line, he would have went for it on 4th down instead of kicking a field goal.

The Browns are going to have to use this week to get batter. They face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday and this isn’t the team that is losing. Somehow Roethlisberger and his Steelers have been able to turn up their offense and they had an impressive win over the Lions on Sunday.

The Browns offense needs to play the way they did against the Ravens. For some reason we didn’t see anything close to that performance in Cincinnati. The team has to find a way to stop the bleeding and get back to playing competitive football.

Chudzinski said these guys need to improve and they need to do it quickly. Lest hope they answer the call for Sunday’s game against the Steelers.

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  1. Arthur

    You need serious therapy LG. There is something wrong with you, for real. This had nothing to do with Weeden yet you still managed to have another dig at him. You are totally obsessed with him, and it is quite scary. I have rarely, if ever, seen anyone with such a vindictive crush on another guy. Campbells rating was 44.3. The worst by a Browns starting QB all year. That is what you should be writing about. But this?. You need help.

    • LG

      Arther, this has everything in the world to do with your boy Weeden. Chuds hands are tied and he has no other choice but to stick with campbell. Weeden would have sucked 10 times as bad. And ya know what Arther? Maybe my problem is I am sick and tired of seeing people make millions of dollars that don’t deserve it. Weedn is one at the top of the fxxking list pal. And for the 100th time if you don’t like the stuff I write don’t come back. Because I call it like I see it and with Weeden the waste of a roster spot this is absolutely the way I see it….

      So maybe it is you that needs some head help you are always running to fight his battles for him. Perhaps you have a crush on this crap excuse for a NFL quarterback….Let him become a walmart greater with his business degree they gave him at OSU

      • C Gill

        I agree ……… waste of a roster spot

  2. marty

    LG, Weedon would of found a way to be worse if was playing in the cinci game.The Browns blew their biggest game. They’re playing a team on a upbeat. Don’t expect a win. Low scoring game.

  3. Arthur

    44.30. If Weeden had played like that on Sunday you would have been all over it. Not a word this time.
    It shows your bias, your hatred, and your immaturity.
    This is about fair play, human decency, impartiality and responsible journalism. You are incapable of them all, but then again, you are not a journalist are you?.
    You have actually said before that you are not interested in what your readers think, a strange attitude for any writer to have. But that implies that you are then writing solely for yourself, so your obsession with Weeden is a little more understandable, though still very strange.
    The way you choose your pictures of him too, really worrying as you put some real thought into it.
    You think you matter LG. You don’t. But please write about the Browns, their wins and their losses, and stop the personal attacks on the players, the FO, the owner and your own readers. It will make you a better person, and a better writer.

    • LG

      Hahahahaha, You’re killing me Arhtur. Now you’re going to defend the team owner, a guy who is supposed to be so hands on that he claims he didn’t even now the top people at his Pilot Flying J company was milking the people who make America run out of millions of dollars.

      This is part of what’s wrong with this country, people like yourself turn your head and look the other way much too often. A guy like Haslam III should be occupying the cell next to Bernard Madoff.

      You can forget about your request for me to lay off the team’s owner. I think he should get time and he should be stripped of his right to own the Cleveland Browns…….

      This is the example we want our kids to look up to right Arthur?

  4. Swarming Defense

    LG – I think you just like to make Weeden your whipping boy. I hope some day you can meet him in person and tell him yourself what you think of him. All these years of The Cleveland Browns sucking, makes it all Weeden’s fault and a target for your pinned up frustrations. I would bet that when Richardson got the news of his trade he was on his knees thanking Jesus, for getting him out of Loserville, OH.

    • LG

      I’ll bet he was. He sticks too and he isn’t setting any records in Indy either. Lets face it Holmgren probably knew the team was for sale and he screwed us all with the picks of Weeden and T-Rich before running off with his 40 Million….

  5. JC

    Sorry, but I agree with LG, Weeden sucks and if he didn’t we all wouldn’t be IN this predicament. Jason Campbell sucks too, always has. The fact that he is starting in the NFL is laughable. Heck, the undrafted rookie in Oakland looks better than both Weeden and Campbell. Then again, the Browns had a quote-”Big” game and failed to show up on most counts, what a shock, its still a losing culture no matter how much they talk about being “ready” this year. Time to draft a QB, RB and WR and start AGAIN next year.

    • LG

      No need to be sorry….

  6. ozymandais

    Meh our reciving core is alright its certianly not the worst in th eleague one deep threat and a big tight end , a QB that is a higher level will be able to hit those guys on their routes and make the other recievers look better


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