Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski held his noon press conference, he had some bad news about Travis Benjamin  who suffered a torn ACL and will need surgery, He is out for the season. Chud also said none of the Browns players are on the trade table.

He didn’t have details as to when Benjamin would undergo surgery and he would get the details soon. The special team’s are going to miss Benjamin as the return man, he was a real threat to break one each time he touched the football. Not only will he be missed on the special team’s, he was an offensive threat as well.

When asked why he started Weeden this season, he said they didn’t know much about Weeden and the team wanted to see what he could do. The Browns plan on continuing forward with Jason Campbell as the starting quarterback. The Browns will be using Little and Fozie Whittaker as their return men for the remainder of this season according to Chud.

Chud said they are able to open up the offensive play book a bit more with Campbell playing QB because of his NFL experience. Chud said the focus for this week will be on executing plays early. He said the offense has got to continue to get the ball to Gordon and Little and other play makers on the team.

Chud was asked if Joe Haden would be available to return punts and he said he wasn’t his first choice. The Browns will stick with Davone Bess as the team’s punt returner for the time being. He thinks Bess is going to step up and play better.

The good news is the coach said no trades, whether he was being truthful or not, we will find out by tomorrow.

Now that Chud and his his coaching staff has learned about Weeden, Chud thinks he is a developing player who still needs a lot of work. Chud said he was happy with the way Campbell played in KC.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Kathleen

    how many chances do u give bess he just does not want our team to win any games, I think he wants weeden to be the quarterback. They are both worthless

    • LG

      Yes they are

  2. Tony Comella

    It’s awful what happened to Travis. Just like Hoyer, tried to do too much. Will definitely be missed on special teams. Not so much on offense cause they didn’t have him in there as wide out anyway. Can’t understand why? Under used him just like Cribbs

  3. Old Goat

    Why not shop Bess for a trade with the requirement that they have to take Webegone and webedone. So it is a hopper!!!!

    • LG

      Yes it is a great idea take them both off our hands.


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