For the past few seasons the Cleveland Browns have used the excuse that the team is young. It didn’t take long for new rookie head coach Rob Chudzinski to catch on. After the beating his team took at the hands of Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night, Chudzinski was quick to jump on the young team bandwagon.

Nothing the Cleveland Browns did in the game looked good. Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden couldn’t sustain a drive to save his own life in the game. Chudzinski and Turner have spent their entire time in Cleveland building this immobile old guy up.

Weeden is anything but young, he turns 30 soon after the season starts and as they say it is too late to teach an old Dawg new tricks. Weeden looks scared each time he is under pressure. He completely losses all accuracy and still has major problems reading the defense.

The Browns looked horrible in their first game against a team with a half way decent pass rush. Chudzinski has been lucky this far in his first NFL head coaching job. He won his first two preseason games and he didn’t have to face the media after his team looked terrible.

His first mistake as the team’s head coach, was naming Brandon Weeden as the team’s starting quarterback without seeing the guy play against the Colts. Weeden missed wide open receivers and showed that he is still unable to read a defense. Now that Chud has named him as his starter, he can only lose face if he changes his mind.

Nothing the Browns did in Saturday’s game looked good. Special team’s started off the game with poor coverage and the Browns defense was poor in their pass coverage. The Browns offense was never able to get anything going and now other team’s on their schedule this season will look at the game film and know all they have to do is pressure Weeden.

The Browns already knew how to lose football games Mr. Chudzinski. They have made a living out of it since returning to the NFL in 1999. So what lessons can come out of this hammering the team took in Indianapolis?

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  1. RICK

    LG, Clueless as usual

    • LG

      Rick not clueless at all. I know what I saw Saturday night and I not only saw it once I recorded it and watched it over and over again…..The only thing clue-less was the browns…

      • ironbran

        much as i hate to admit it…..i dont see an improvment in the browns offense. sure they can compete with the lower talented teams and look good.

        but when it comes to the upper echelon….i think we will see a repeat of years past. after seeing the 1st half of saturdays game, this was made all to clear. had they been in the game and lost, i woudlve been fine.

        to get wiped out like that??? forget it. i predict 6 wins with a slight improvement. and thats only if the starters stay healthy.

    • Tom Wynne

      its easy to pin it all on the QB…but lets face it…the Defense stunk it up…and there is nobody after Trent Richardson(although Cook looked promising) that could run the ball. Perhaps some credit to the Colts “d’ that played an awesome game as well…BUT, IN LG’s STEVIE WONDER ANALYSIS…Colt McCoy would have won this game!

  2. Mike Adcock

    Stop writing…. You make me sick.

    • LG

      Hey maybe I should stop watching bad football because that makes me sick…..

  3. lglegl

    You should stop watching football and more importantly you should stop writing about football. Apparently if you lose a meaningless preseason game its time to panic, You must want to trade all the young players. Maybe we can get Mangini back and swap the whole team for all the Jets players. If Weeden wins all 16 regular season games Lg will still want to bench him for Colt McCoy.

    • LG

      I don’t think we have to worry about Weeden winning all 16 regular season games…..We will be lucky if he wins 6 of them…..

  4. Wane

    wow LG, looks like you coundn’t wait to write this one. thrid preseason game and you got to throw the coach under the bus with weeded. the hole team looked bad, but like always it’s just another shot at Weeden. and now you finally got your shot at Rob Chudzinski. only LG “THE BIG BROWNS FAN” would watch that sh*t game over and over again. don’t use your a Browns fan just to talk your sh*t about them. a real fan doesn’t hate the team they root for!! THAT IS JUST STUPID. i read your article’s yesterday you wrote for the LIONS, SEAHAWKS, EAGLES, COLTS, K.C AND IT WAS ALL GOOD. you give the Lions praise for winning after saying they lost to a team like the Browns last weak. and in your Seattle article you give Russell Wilson a pat on the back for 3 sacks and 2 interseptions, and said he is going to have a great season. we lose our first preseason game and you couldn’t wait to say how sh*tty the Browns are. your like a bad parent telling your kid every day he is a loser, then don’t like it when he turns out to be a loser. so when you write your next sh*t article about the Browns, don’t use the ( i’m a Browns fan)card. CLEVELAND DON’T NEED FANS LIKE YOU!!

    • LG

      You’re correct the entire team looked terrible….Whose fault is it the team wasn’t even close to being prepared for the Colts? The head coach that’s who…Nuff Said…

  5. JohnnyV

    My junior in High School could have written a better story. Come on LG sharpen up your game. Its Pre-season – The Patriots got whooped worse than the Browns. So what?

    • LG

      It is great to hear your junior in high school is doing well. I should have paid a little more attention there myself.

  6. Wane

    if it is the coach, then why was Weeden the only player on the team called out? wait, i forgot Weeded is your meal ticket. you have to thruogh Weeden in all your article. like i said don’t use the (i’m a Browns fan card) this is the only team you write sh*t about!

    • LG

      Because Weeden missed wide open receivers throughout the time he was on the field. The guy gets paid a ton of money to do one thing and that is to throw the ball to a guy and he fails at it….Some of those completions had he made them could have at least put or led to putting some points on the board…

  7. Rick

    LG, It had nothing to do with being prepared. As usual you missed the picture. We had 17 players out with injuries and a shi**y refing crew and a lot of rookies playing to make the cut.(just to mention a few things)It’s always push the panic button when it doesn’t go right for you. It won’t be the first game they lose this year I’m sure.So big deal they lost a preseason game and didn’t show yhe Colts what we are capable of. It’s in our favor when we play them again. (for real). I have faith in the coaching staff and I think it’s going to be a good season for the Browns. I’ll take the positive road I guess.Your negativity doesn’t work for the real Browns fans out there that believe in the improved Browns. Time will tell if I’m correct or not I guess. Go Browns

    • LG

      Rick it hard everything to do with coaching. Every facet of the team looked terrible it isn’t all because of injuries.The coach let these guys put their heads in the clouds thinking they are hot stuff because they beat two teams this preseason. A good football coach would have had them prepared….

  8. RICK

    LG, When a team loses it’s not because they are unprepared. Get a clue. This team will always be prepared with coaching staff that we have. Alot of factors go into a game other than being prepared.To mention one, The average field position was probably around the 10 yard line and yes injuries did play a big part of the loss. It’s always poor coaching or Weedens fault or the owners fault or the General managers fault and on and on and on and on.Your negativity won’t fester the true Browns fans but keep the hard work because it does make for amusing reading.

    • LG

      Rick, you are the one who should get a clue….When a team losses the way the Browns did in Indy without even getting an offensive touchdown after winning 2 games their coach didn’t prepare them well enough….He should have know the colts had a god pass rush he could have watched it Sunday night when they had 6 sacks against the giants…Not one part of the team performed well in the game…This is a coaching problem….Nuff Said on this topic…..

  9. RICK

    LG, Not true.Some parts of the team played well.The kicking did well and I believe we recovered an onside kick and our (third string QB) threw an interception for theit efforts.I guess that is the coaches fault too.
    Call it a coaching problem if you wish but I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.They will be fine.

    • LG

      If you say so Rick…..I see maybe 5 to 6 wins this season….

      • RICK

        LG, Thanks I’ve been waiting for the crystal ball report this year for the Browns.


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