You would think in his rookie debut as a head coach in the NFL, Rob Chudzinski would want to prove he can win. He came to Cleveland and he talked a good game, after all that is why Jimmy Haslam III and the team’s CEO Joe banner said they hired him.

But so far, there hasn’t been much difference between Chudzinski’s  Cleveland Browns and every other coach the team has hired and fired since returning to the league in 1999. Chud talked a great game. In the NFL actions speak louder than words.

When Chud hired his offensive coordinator, the fans were hopeful that Norv Turner could bring in a productive offense that would turn the team into winners. Some how these two coaches have become blind to the fact the team’s starting quarterback doesn’t have enough football sense to find his way into the end-zone.

Because of Chudzinki’s and Turner’s poor talent evaluation, the Browns are going down faster than an commercial airliner that has ran out of fuel. Each week Chud makes the comment “it was only one game.” Now it is to the point where those one games have turned into a 0-4 record for the man they refuse to remove from the quarterback position.

The Cleveland fans are starting to wonder if Chudzinksi is the real deal or just another fail in the Browns history of failed head coaches. Why he wants his rookie season as a head coach in the NFL to go down in flames is anybodies guess. He showed some promise one this season when he made the right decision to keep his failed quarterback sidelined even after he was medically cleared to return to the football field.

Chudzinski and Turner are satisfied with letting the Cleveland Browns fall into a hole the team won’t possibly be able to climb out of. You have to wonder why? Why let a season that could have been the team’s first winning season fall into the toilet because of one poor decision made by the Cleveland coaching staff?

Doesn’t Chudzinski want to win? Is he just a puppet on the strings that Banner controls or is this guy the head coach of the Cleveland Browns? Unless he makes some sound decisions and quickly, the fans will watch another wasted NFL season pass them by.


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  1. ozymandais

    Really not sure where your getting this from mingo has done well other than that we had a late 3rd round pick we traded most of the other picks we didnt go get much on offense which woudl mean ( im assuming ) that the coaching staff didnt expect t be perfect this year. Lets let them have the next draft with all of our picks befor ewe start saying chud and turner cant coach together

    • g

      your an idiot! I agree with the reporter…dudzinski is as bad at coaching as wiener is at QB. Get rid of them both! and get some real players in here along with replacing the WR’ers they think can catch

    • Mark

      I thought that bringing in Haslam, banner and chud was a bad idea from the beginning. Haslam might be a charmer but has no idea how to run a business (i.e. Flying J fiasco), banner won how many super bowls in Phily and Chud is a first timer.

  2. Don

    I would not want to be in Chud’s shoes. His choice of quarter backs is Weeden or Campbell. With either choice the Browns can not win. I am a season ticket holder but I will not attend another game while Weeden is under center. This team has a great defense and a fair offensive line with good receivers. A middle of the road quarter back could make the Browns a winner. Probably to late in the season to find a quarter back that is mediocre but I wish they would look around. I do not blame Chud or any of the other coaches. The Browns have the basics for a good football team with the exception of the quarter back. I think Weeden tries to the best of his ability but he just does not have what it takes to even be a number 3 quarter back. WFNY again.

    • Nana Yanu

      The whole problem that from the top to the bottom they are in denial. The team management is trying to still defend their decision to draft Brandon de Weasel in the first place.

      They just don’t understand how bad of a quarter back he really is. Joe Banner is calling the shots like the gran puppet master.

      The Browns are in a tough situation due to the loss of brian Hoyer. But at least they could bring back Seneca and offer him 50K for a win with no INT’s per game. If he has an INT, then he has a penalty of 5K per INT. a loss and he gets no pay. Pay for Play

      • LG

        That management is gone from the Browns these are all new people…

    • cookie

      Hoyer is Chud’s choice. A winner

  3. Don

    I think the Browns should sign Tim Tebow. At the worst he can move around in the pocket and can run. What is the worst that can happen…we loose?

    • Brownie

      I agree. maybe Tebow will turn into a winner in Cleveland. all the other ‘good’ picks all failed

    • Brownie

      I agree. he couldn’t do any worse. He might even turn into a good pick for Cleveland. we all know the good picks didn’t work. maybe Tebow would

    • MrChris

      Couldn’t be any worse and would most likely be an improvement.

  4. JAFBF

    What choice does he have, there are really no other QB’s that are an option? Forget about Campbell, he’s reached his ceiling and is on the back end of his Career.

  5. JohnnyV

    They’re not as stupid as you think. And its a big step up from Holmgrem and company. The Brown’s are not supposed to win this year and they’re well aware Weeden (among others) isn’t the guy.

  6. BOBBY D

    I don’t agree with your assesment of the coaching staff. I feel that his decsions have been the right ones to this poiint. Mingo, solid pick, Hoyer solid signing, trading TR to the colts almost evil genius. Yes he is holding on to Weedon and starting him when fans don’t want him to, but he is not a fan. He is a coach and his plans are long term, where fans plans (say that 3 times) are short term. So if he plays out the season with Weedon and Cambel he doesn’t have to give up anything, he gets more in the draft.

    No one expected much out of this team this year except the fans. Now if you look at the moves that have been made and the one coming this week, we are set to dominate for the next decade. If they are as good as their first draft has been.

    Unfortunately Gordon has worn his last Browns game jersey. Where does he go?? Packers or Panthers. Panthers would mean we get Cam but give up OUR 1st round pick. But lets see if the deal really develops as I am told trades in the NFL rarely happen but who knows.

  7. robert milner

    weedhead is a coach killer . if chud. doesn’t change qb he’ll end up as other cleve.coaches

  8. Anonymous

    Cleveland is not happy………….

  9. marty

    Rumor has it, Weedon rough upped Chud in the locker room.

    • Anonymous

      Bullshit !

  10. Drew225

    The Cleveland Front Office tried to trade for Ryan Mallet last off-season but weren’t able to pry him away from another failed Cleveland Brown Head Coach, Bill Belicheat.

    Then once Weeden was injured they left him on the bench until Hoyer was lost for the season. What more do you expect from them in season.

    Meanwhile, the defense has amassed enough talent to be considered one of the better units in the league and they let go of a #3 overall mistake for Indy’s first round pick.

    Next season they’re going to take a QB, it’s rumored that they’re in love with Johnny Manziel, and a WR, in RD1, to pair with Gordon and Cameron and they are already talking about pursuing RB Ben Tate in Free Agency.

    Sounds to me like this is a great start to a quality team. Problem is, they took over a very bad franchise and needed to change everything about it before they can start winning. I know Browns fans have been through a lot of losing since their return to the NFL but be patient…better days are coming. I promise.

  11. Terry Kekic

    I too am a season ticket holder, but I will go to the games. I have coached football along with a few other sports and there is one truth. You play the hand you are dealt. May not be the hand you want but you do the best you can with what you got. Hoyer gave us hope as he looked like there were some QB skills present. But he is not going to play this season and we knew that #3 was not the long term answer. So the Browns made some moves to bolster next years draft. That was the right thing to do. Ever see a professional playbook? Can’t just take someone off the street and tell them to catch up on the offense. Too late for that. I like the present coaching staff a lot. Let us give them some time. By the way I did not like the drafting of Richardson. RB’s get hurt to often. Draft running backs in the later rounds and get the best linemen you can. Most any decent running back can run through a hole. With the size and speed of the players in a professional defense today running backs cannot make the holes. And most get hurt trying. Hang in there Browns fans as I really like the direction they are going.

  12. carbuilder92

    Who really care’s? There the joke of the nfl:)

  13. bob

    The author of this article is an idiot and has no business writing. I know writers jobs are stir crap up but they inherited a crap team and working with what they have…how can evaluate what has been signed to contracts. Evaluations happen 3-4 years down the road when ur able to replace the prior regimes team. Cant evaluate what you didn’t pick or ares stuck with

    • LG


  14. Jack

    This article is way off base. Weeden is only playing because Hoyer got hurt. The other optionon the roster is Campbell, who doesn’t bring much to the table himself from the action I’ve seen of him. (I thought when the Browns signed him he’d beat out Weeden for the starting job. I was disappointed in Campbell.)

    It’s not like the Browns have a lot of options. The #3 QB on the depth chart is a back-up TE. Who does the writer expect Chud to replace Weeden with? Unfortunately, Weeden may be the best QB on the roster. Hell, maybe Chud is hoping Weeden could have a Derrick Anderson type of season (we all know he sucked, but had one good season) and we could trade him after the season. Too bad Weeden can’t produce at all.

    • LG

      How do we know what Campbell brings to the table? We have yet to see him this season.

  15. Bernie Kosar

    Chud isn’t blind. His only option is Campbell, who is not going out there and winning games for us anytime soon. Maintaining Weeden as the starter is Cleveland’s plan to have a top 3 draft pick.

  16. A.Melena

    the author is forgetting that this is not a good team at this stage of its development. Chud was smart to see if Hoyer had anything to offer while Weeden was hurt. It proved to be a good move, but no one could predict Hoyer would get hurt. We have 2 QBs left and neither is a starter. If one of them gets hurt there is no backup. And based on the QBs injuries this last week…who would you suggest they
    bring in to start?

  17. L

    Weeden, Campbell, Campbell, Weedon, – why is it that the problem is Weedon or Campbell. Why not change the offense to fit the style of the less than talented starter. For example- throw to the TE’s. Play two and three tight end sets. Use a fullback to block for Weeden. Make Weeden run out of the pocket more. Everybody needs to stop thinking Weeden, Campbell and yes Hoyer are answer’s when neither would probably start on a true playoff contender team. Browns need to change they style of offense and stop trying to mimic SF, Ind., NE. The Browns were never going to make the playoffs with our without Hoyer or any other. Run their QB’s into the ground if they have too. Throw to the tight-ends. Use their talentless RB’s for pass protection. I’m done!!

    • LG

      How you watched any Browns football this season? If you did you would know Weeden has no talents.

  18. JM

    Yeah, but who are they going to get? I think making a play for Alex Smith, even a half-hearted one would have gone a long way with the fans especially now, but now that hoyer is out we have no real options. I don’t think campbell could do much worse, but then again maybe he could. He certainly wasn’t impressive when he had to take over.

    Ultimately, it’s wayyy too late to draft and aint no one gunna waive a franchise QB at this point. We’re stuck with who we’ve got.


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