Cleveland’s head coach Rob Chudzinski likes his Browns chances of traveling to Cincinnati this Sunday and returning to Cleveland with a win. In his weekly press conference Chud said, his Browns are better than they were the first time they played the Bengals.

Chud said the guys know what to expect from the coaching staff and the coaching staff knows what to expect from the players. He went on to say, they know the players better than they knew them in the first match up and knowing the team better, helps the coaching staff to utilize the players individual talents more effectively.

The Browns face the Bengals this Sunday with a different quarterback than they had the first time around and Chud likes the leadership Jason Campbell brings to the field.

If the Cleveland Browns can beat the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday, this will be the first time the team has swept the Bengals since the 1995 season.

The Browns defense has to play with the same intensity they played the Bengals with in their first match up this season. The Bengals have lost their last 2 and aren’t going to be a push over. The Browns defensive front 7 are going to have to keep the pressure on Andy Dalton throughout the game and if they can do that, it will help to take some pressure off the Cleveland secondary.

Chudzinski said, the entire Cleveland Browns team, knows each other better and that familiarity makes it easier to play as a team. This is the battle for control of the AFC North this season and it is damn exciting seeing a Cleveland Browns team with a shot at controlling it.

This has been a long tome coming and if the Cleveland Browns get a win this Sunday in Cincinnati, this town will be on fire. Go Browns….


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Dick Williams

    Good bye Weeden, hello one offensive lineman & one blocking running back. Conneautspike

    • Anonymous

      One loss by Campbell and the Brownie faithful will have his bags packed and on the same train as Weeden.

      • LG

        I really don’t think so. You can see a world of difference between the two of these guys….

  2. Brian

    LG ,
    can you tell me if the browns would win the division , who would they play if all other seeds stayed the same as of today ?

    • LG

      If things stayed exactly the way they are now? The Colts I think…..

      • Anonymous

        they would play the number 1 wild card the broncos

        • LG

          I thought it would be Denver but wishful thinking on my part wanted to ignore them….


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