Even though Jimmy Haslam III maintains he didn’t know anything about the rebate scheme that was taking place at his Pilot Flying J company, things are getting a bit more difficult for him legally. The Federal Government has assigned the case to a couple of Young, aggressive federal prosecutors.

The Governments case will be in the hands of David Lewen and Francis “Trey” Hamilton, who have a history of being meticulously prepared and fair. Haslam has continue to say he knew nothing about the scam that was taking place.

Nonetheless, he is going to have a hard time proving his case in court. According to an FBI Affidavit,  Haslam II knew about it from sales meetings held at his Pilot Flying J company.  The federal prosecutors are reaming very tight-lipped about their investigation into Haslam’s company.

This could mean one of two things, either they don’t have mush to go on or they aren’t showing their hand until the case goes to a federal court. The prosecutors have a great deal of experience with white-collar crimes and they may not want to try this case in the media.

They also know that the Haslam family is very well-connected around the Knoxville area and they may want to keep their information out of the media until it comes time to present it in front of a grand jury or any other court.

One thing is certain, Haslam III is going to be in for the fight of his life to prove his innocence that he continues to keep up. If the FBI affidavit proves otherwise, Haslam III will have more problems than he can handle.


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