Jimmy Haslam III felt it necessary to write a letter to what he calls his “Loyal Browns Fans.” Haslam and Banner didn’t get the warm response at their presser yesterday, so he must have thought it was necessary to put his foot, further into his mouth.

Below is the letter Haslam III sent to his Loyal Browns fans;

Loyal Browns Fans,

We wanted to reach out and connect with you regarding our news last night that we relieved Coach Chudzinski of his coaching duties.

As we communicated in our press conference, there is an urgency for success. There is an urgency to create a winning football team not only next year but for years to come. As we watched this season evolve, we were not seeing progress, not just in the win-loss column but in building the right foundation. In fact, we were taking a disconcerting step backward. We need to achieve significant progress to help us attain the consistently competitive team that we desire and you deserve.

We appreciate Coach Chudzinski and his passion for this city and this team, but we needed to quickly admit that a change was needed and move forward instead of maintaining the status quo. This is an important offseason and we wanted to make sure that we put ourselves in the best possible situation to succeed. We simply did not see enough to feel good about moving forward without the change we made yesterday.

As an organization, we have been dedicated to improving all aspects of the Browns, from substantial stadium renovations to enhanced facilities, and the team on the field. We have made progress in beginning to build a world-class football culture and that will establish a stronger foundation with our new head coach. Everyone in our building, including our players, understands the high expectations and need for accountability, and have seen our commitment and investment toward success.

As we continue to build this football team this offseason, the numerous draft picks we have will provide critical value, and our salary-cap space will give us the opportunity to impact our team in key areas. We will work tirelessly to secure a coaching staff that can help us win on a consistent basis.

While a difficult day, we feel strongly that this move will help us take the next significant steps in becoming a consistently successful and winning NFL franchise, a franchise that makes you proud.

Thank you for your continued support.

One fan decided to write a response to Haslam’s letter. Below is what he wrote back to Haslam III;

When you realize that listing “team on the field” improvements AFTER stadium and facilities improvements is a mistake, I will stop calling you an inbred hillbilly fool. Until then…thank you for testing the fan base thus ensuring that the few fans that you have left are the strongest willed and the best in the NFL.

Tony V
Loyal Browns Fan

You can see, Loyal Browns fans are starting to question the leadership of the Cleveland Browns. The so called Loyal fans are sick and tired of the same old song and dance.

Since 1999 the Browns as an organization have had the support of their loyal fan base, and people’s patience are running low after another 4-12 season.

No other NFL franchise has performed this poorly for this long after coming into the NFL as an expansion team. Haslam III, Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi, or the Three Stooges are they are being referred to these days, better get it right when they choose the teams next head coach.

Otherwise, the loyal fans may not be so loyal in the future.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Micah Smith

    Jimmy I applaud you for this quick decision and realizing the mistake that was made and not compounding the problem by letting it go on . Here is one true loyal Browns fan who is happy to have an owner who is as vested in this team winning as I am . See you next year DPG4L sec 122 row 27 seat 15

  2. Paul

    Tony V,
    So, you want to talk about his dedication? The improvements to the practice facility and stadium is a key element in attracting the players we need to compete and give the fans something in return. When you have less than stellar facilities, you do not the stellar players. These things are factors when you are trying to sign free agents. They look at what you are doing to create a winning environment. As for the firing, if he is 100% convinced we hired the wrong guy, should he punish the fans another year with a poorly coached team? Fix the problem now, we are one year closer to winning. I mean, come on, they lost 10 of their last 11 games and it looks like they didn’t even try the last two. Is this the mark of a coach who is driven to win? After that onside kick in New England, they just packed it in for the year.

    So, Tony V, its time to put on your big boy pants and look at the big picture. We need a better coach!

  3. Tony V

    Paul…I NEVER said that those things were not important but if he continues to look at the quality of the team on the field 3rd then we are all in trouble.

  4. Aj

    How does anyone know chud was a mistake? Banner and haslems goal was for 2014. When was the last time we had 5 pro bowlers? He had 3 starting qbs, and no even decent rb until baker. If we any hope of keeping ward and Mack, we just lost that leverage. New coaches new system another rebuilding yr coming up. It’s hypocritical because it was their plan.

    • Paul

      Aj, how does one have 5 pro bowlers on the team and finish losing 10 of 11? Yes, the offense was a mess, but why couldn’t his defense finish? Was it poor play calling? Improperly conditioned players? Were they undisciplined? These things are all the responsibility of the coach and the people he picked to oversee them. Five pro bowl players and a train wreck?

  5. EJ

    Facts: It took an offensive minded HC and his mentor OC three quarters of the season to see Brandon Weeden was 3rd on QB depth chart. They repeatedly tried to insert Weeden as QB. Until the third game in which Weeden tried the flip throw. When forced to use Cooper because Bess fell off the wagon it was obvious Cooper was better. Yet he never saw playing time in the first 15 games. The DC Norton’s defense underachieved. The team didn’t even give an effort against Pitt. It was the status quo and Haslam wasn’t having it. A much better owner than Lerner.

  6. Chad Remy

    Some of those pro bowlers are not all that , some average one false start or hold per game , some give up the game winning catch three times per season . Some are now running thier yaps about the coach chopping and should own up , pro bowl don’t mean a thing. As for Jimmy , don’t walk out of games while they are being played like a little pouter from the squealers , you are a Brown now !


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