Lets face it, Browns starting quarterback hasn’t shown the improvement we all heard he was going to show this season. He laid an egg on the field in his 3rd preseason game in Indianapolis and he wasn’t much better in week one.

Weeden continues to blow plays he should be making. He missed wide open receivers while trying to set up a screen pass and he continued to show he doesn’t have the touch required to be an NFL quarterback.

Heading into the Ravens game Browns fans have to be wondering how long rookie head coach will put up with Weeden inconsistencies.  If Weeden fails to make the plays an NFL quarterback should be able to make, will Chud make the change?

A Lot of people think, 2 of Weeden’s interceptions in game one were the fault of the intended receivers. UN-knowing fans think that if an NFL receiver can get a hand on the football, they should mkae the catch.

You try to catch a football that is traveling at a high speed when you are only five yards away and the ball is thrown behind you. Weeden’s lack of accuracy is contributing to the receivers lack of abilities to catch the football.

Also, his inabilities to take something off the throw makes it hard to reel in the ball. While Weeden may have a lot of confidence in his teammates, you have to wonder how long it is going to be before his teammates lose confidence in him.

If he has another game like the one he had in week one, I could understand the team losing any confidence that he is the guy to lead this team. Chud will be faced with making the right decision going forward and if he fails to make the right choice, the Cleveland fans will be losing confidence in him as the team’s head coach.



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    As a fan I have “already” lost confidence in Brandon Weeden. You make some very good points with regards to Weeden’s total lack of touch on the football. He has zero touch. “ZERO!”
    Another long time Browns sports writer had a good point, too. He says that Weeden is the slow guy in the NFL fast lane. Coach Sam Ratigliano says that Weeden still sees defenses like he’s looking at Times Square on New Year’s eve.
    I hope that Chudzinski realizes sooner rather than later that Weeden is not NFL starting material.

    • LG

      It is obvious that you know football

      • One fan says...

        Why?. Because he agrees with you?. Pathetic, the pair of you.

        • LG

          No because he is right….

          • One fan says...

            So what you are clearly saying is that anyone who agrees with you knows about football, and anyone who doesn’t agree with you has no idea what they are talking about. Do I have that right?. Just making sure LG, because I thought a writer, at least a decent one, should always respect another persons right to an opinion and not base that right on whether or not they agree with the writer.
            We already know from the countless columns of absolute trash that you have written before that you are very limited in your knowledge of the game LG. If you are now claiming to be an authority on any aspect of the game, you really are more deluded that originally thought.
            Could you please tell us, for the sake of balance, when you actually played in the NFL, coached in the NFL, or scouted for an NFL team. If so, who was it?.
            What, you never have?. Thought so. Carry on.

          • LG

            No that is not what I am saying lots of people disagree with me,makes no difference but when they don’t make sense then you understand they don’t know football.

  2. Don

    Lets say Chud benches Weeden.
    Who comes off of the bench to save the day or year for that matter? Campbell? I think not. Hoyer? No way. There is not anyone on the bench that is any better then Weeden.
    I say let Weeden finish the year (if he stays alive}so there is no doubt in anyones mind that he has to be released. The Browns will have a good chance of drafting a franchise quarter back in the draft and Weeden will be history.

    • LG

      Looks like weeden is out for at least 4 weeks so we gonna see…

  3. Old goat

    When an INT occurs because the ball is thrown behind the receiver, I would venture a guess that it is likely the fault of the QB, not the receiver


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