Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer will undergo surgery next week to repair his torn ACL he suffered in the game against Buffalo in the first quarter. Hoyer brought a spark to the Cleveland Browns the fans haven’t seen in a long time. He is the main reason this team in a tie for first place in the AFC North.

The fans booed when Brandon Weeden stepped on to the field and the most fans think Weeden will never be able to perform at the level Hoyer did. It was obvious Hoyer’s time in the NFL wasn’t wasted. He sat next to Tom Brady for a few years and he picked up a lot of the Brady skills.

Hoyer is one of the smartest quarterbacks the Cleveland Browns have seen since making their return to the NFL in 1999. He is able to read the defense in a moments notice and make some key plays when they are needed. He helped the team’s defense by sustaining long drives that kept them off the field and gave them rest.

Hoyer is going to be missed for the rest of this season and now the Browns are presented with a new problem. DO they use their first round picks next season to go after some offensive play makers to compliment Hoyer’s skills or do they go after a quarterback?

Hoyer could help himself heal by having some cord blood injections. Him and his wife are expecting and when their baby is born they could harvest the stem cells from the babies umbilical cord and have these cells injected into his knee. This would speed up the process of healing and make it possible to return to the team sooner than expected.

Some may remember Peyton Manning going out of the country to have some stem cells injected into his neck. He had nerve damage and anyone who knows anything about nerve damage will tell you,nerves are the slowest thing to recover in the human body.

We can all see how well Manning is playing since his return to the NFL. Hoyer wouldn’t have to go anywhere to harvest stem cells, he could wait until the birth of his child, harvest the cord blood and have these stem cells retrieved. He could speed up the healing process and return better than 100%.

He could have an ACL that is like new. Stem cells have the ability to turn into any kind of tissue the human body requires.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Chrig

    I say they induce early labor today so Hoyer can be back right after our bye week

    • LG

      Not sure it works that quick…..But it is a great thought.

  2. AL

    They should keep him and go after a first round draft pick anyways ,just because it’s a draft doesn’t mean there top notch anyways look at Weeden , Don’t think draft pick would be starter right out of the box anyways , to much pressure !

    • LG

      I agree….

  3. AL

    They should never put all there eggs n one basket again like they did with Weeden ,I actually liked Mccoy never understood why they got rid of him and why Cambels still around does he even dress for the games,Get this draft pick keep Hoyer and maybe Weeded depending how he leads team while hes still heathly !

    • LG

      Weeden turns 30 monday I say get rid of him take QB and let Hoyer groom him.

      • AL

        I would agree but his career rest in the next 4 games I would say , sink or swim , he better hope special teams keeps helping !

        • LG

          He is certainly going to have his hands full. First the Lions then the Packers Chiefs and Ravens……The Chiefs defense will kill Weeden if he lives through the Detroit game….

          • AL

            I am hoping somehow they’ve showed him the shovel pass and quick screen thing , but in the back of my head I’m seeing him running for his life cause he can’t see guys quick enough and circus music playing and fans laughing and booing at same time , I’ll have to start drinking early Sunday for this one hahaha !


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