By now the football world is in complete shock over the Josh Gordon arrest. Gordon was arrested and charged with D.U.I.. He learned nothing while he was in Cleveland. Gordon should have known better than to admit he had 3 drinks. As soon as he did that, he gave the police probable cause.

Gordon’s blood-alcohol level was .09, according to the citation obtained by Raleigh NBC-affiliate WNCN. That is barley over the legal limit. You could say, Gordon is a victim of the ever-changing DUI laws. At one time he wouldn’t have been over the legal limit.

The limit is now .08 in North Carolina. Gordon should have never admitted to having the 3 drinks. The good news is the police,didn’t find any illegal substances in Gordon’s possession. It doesn’t change the fact he shouldn’t have been out driving around at 3:AM, especially knowing he had some drinks.

Gordon was caught speeding. He was going 50 in a 35, much in the same way he was pulled over in Cleveland during the Memorial Day weekend stop. That is when the officer found pot in the car and charged his friend with possession.

If Gordon was smart, which by now we know he’s not, he would have kept his mouth shut and just been cited for speeding. The first thing a DUI lawyer would tell you, is never admit to drinking. While blowing a .09 isn’t that bad, it is bad enough when you’re in Gordon’s position.

He just doesn’t want to pursue a football career. If he did, he wouldn’t be pulling all the crap he is pulling. It is just another case of a Cleveland sports super-star not living up to their full expectations. Gordon needs to get himself some help. He needs to have someone help him fight the demons that surround him. Addiction isn’t easy to overcome, just ask Jim Irsay.

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  1. Kevin

    Hey , you think you can ever just report the facts without trying to spin things? The pot wasn’t found “in the car”, it was found on Gordon’s friend. Yesterday you printed a story that said they were SMOKING in the car! You are the worst piece of shit “journalist” I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. I’m going to do some calling around, fin out who your bosses are, contact the Browns front office, and do whatever I can to get you fired for Libel.

    • LG

      Kevin, while I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave a reply on our articles, I find it troubling that you don’t know the facts. When Gordon was pulled over for speeding in Strongsville, Ohio you act like he didn’t know the pot was in the car. The copes wouldn’t have ever searched the car if the officer didn’t smell the pot that was being smoked in the car. Here you go, here is a link stating the cops smelled the pot

      So stop acting like Gordon didn’t know it was in his car……

  2. Gary Slagle

    Kevin I did not like him till we had a few dinners and I listened to his radio show when he told weeden brother he sucked thanksxfor leaving comments it boosts his ego loved the article my friend


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