By Bishop Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin

 The NFL is trying to keep attendance up at stadiums, and their latest approach is to put cameras inside the locker room of teams and show that on the large screens to increase the in-game fan experience. This is supposed to be a little extra for the fan that just spent a month’s mortgage to come to a game on a Sunday. Not surprisingly, players aren’t the biggest fans of it. And niether am I, what does a camera in the locker room do but take away their little privacy or private time before games, so they want to start making the player feeling like “Mighty Mike’s” or male strippers.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is one of those players and is voicing his displeasure with it, feeling that it is an intrusion of players privacy: and He’s right!

“I’m not a fan of that, and I’m not afraid to say that,” the Green Bay Packers star linebacker told USA TODAY Sports. “The availability of the athletes is already so great to fans, the organization and the media, but now to add the locker room — our one sanctuary, which is even taken over by the media — and now you throw in cameras?

“You think ‘cameras in the locker room’ and what does that conjure up images of? It’s a privacy issue. I know they’re trying to give the fans more of an experience, but what more can you do? We do interviews on the sideline, there’s social media. You can’t leave the parking lot without people swarming your cars. I’m not a fan of it.”

Hard to disagree with Matthews. Who also has concerns that goes beyond the locker room. He has been followed home following games by fans, and thinks there should be a bit more of a buffer between players and fans. I agree leave these guys alone before the games. Handing out a free T-shirt. Going in the NFL locker room is not the experience I want to see, nor my son or daughters? Come on camers in the locker Stop the madness NFL!

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