Ray Farmer was handed the keys to the Cleveland Browns front office today. For the first time in the history of the new Browns (since 1999), the teams GM is a black man.

This black man takes pride in the fact that he is a black man running an NFL football team. He is not just another figure head brought into a dysfunctional organization to try to fix it.

Farmer is a former NFL football player who had a pretty darn good career playing safety in college. Farmer played at Duke University from 1992 to 1996. He was all-ACC twice, and as a senior, he led the team in tackles (with 111) and played in two collegiate all-star games.

He then was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and played for 3 seasons until his career was ended by a knee injury. More importantly, Farmer may be the man behind the success the Kansas City Chiefs had last season.

Ray Farmer was the guy in charge of Pro Personnel in KC from 2006-2012. He is one of the people that was able to bring in players that helped the Chiefs win last season.

Farmer also was a scout for the Atlanta Falcons for 4 years. This guy knows football and he can recognize football players. Ask yourself one question.

Who would you rather head into the 2014 NFL draft with, Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi, or Ray Farmer?

This guy can and will help the Cleveland Browns turn things around. Today, the team made the decision to do what is best for the team for the first time since the new ownership took over the team.





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