CAN they? Yes. Will they? I wouldn’t bet on it. Even though the Indians (in general) and Ubaldo Jimenez (in particular) have made immense improvements from where they were earlier in the year.

I’m still not convinced that they have what it takes to overcome Tampa’s pitching staff, and timely hitting and sound coaching—especially if Longoria, Loney and Meyers continue to produce in the middle of their lineup. Cleveland, on the other hand, just doesn’t have enough stick in their lineup to fare well against decent pitching—and especially not against a staff as accomplished as the Rays’ hurlers are.

As far as what the Indians need to do to win tonight,

Pray and get extremely lucky because Tampa Bay is better than the Indians are.

Having said that Cleveland may be hard pressed to get past the Rays in this year’s playoffs, let me hasten to add that I would certainly LOVE IT if my boy Terry Francona beats Joe Maddon (who I happen to like, by the way) and then returns to Boston, kicks the Red Sox’ asses, and brings a championship back to the city that would then no longer be justifiably referred to as the Mistake by the Lake…


(I can hope, can’t I??!@@#^&!?)


San Monica

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