Justin Bieber is begging to be sent to jail. Hardly a week goes by without us hearing of some stupid prank he pulls. In he latest ind ever, Bieber was arrested for drag racing while intoxicated in Miami. Then the IDIOT had resisting arrest charges added to his problems.

Doesn’t this cute little white boy understand what he would go through if he was sent to prison. He would make someone a very nice little boy toy. The guy needs to realize, he is nothing more than a punk kid who was lucky enough to make some money in the entertainment business.

He is turning into another let down in the long list of childhood stars that turned out to be let downs.. Bieber is spinning out of control and Usher needs to find a way to bring him back into reality before he hurts someone. How this guy thinks he is going to get away with his behavior is beyond all reason.

It is bad enough he sticks out like a sore thumb with all his little rich-kid toys. To go out while he is under the influence of whatever he in under the influence of, is nothing short of stupid.  It is looking like he wants to get into trouble with some of the stunts he pulls.

If he were to hurt someone and he were to end up in prison, his life isn’t going to the same. He will be subjected to things people have nightmares about. Bieber needs to settle down and he needs to do it quick before he can’t turn things around. If he ends up in jail, someone will be turning him around real fast.

It’s time to grow up Justin, sure you missed your childhood while you were making millions. That was your choice. You are not the bad boy you think you are and you don’t want to end up in a prison somewhere to find that out.


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