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NFL- National Football League

Josh Gordon busted for DUI

Browns WR Josh Gordon should have learned how to handle a DUI from one time Browns great Bernie Kosar. Never admit to having drinks.

By now the football world is in complete shock over the Josh Gordon arrest. Gordon was arrested and charged with D.U.I.. He learned nothing while he was in Cleveland. Gordon should have ...

The Washington Thinskins

Michael Berry has an proper name for the Washington Redskins, how about the Washington Thinskins?

It’s amazing how the country has taken a stance against the Washington Redskins. First we have the government signing a petition and sending it to Daniel Marc Snyder, and then we have ...

Sam Rutigliano talks about NFL dope policies
Former NFL coach Sam Rutigliano thinks the NFL relaxing the rules on marijuana would be a catastrophe. He knows from experience about dope in the NFL.

Sam Rutigliano, is never one to hide his opinions. He talked about the NFL relaxing the rules when it comes to marijuana. Now, before you start attacking coach Sam’s personality, realize where ...

first released manziel rookie card
First released Johnny Manziel rookie card. (Photo)

Is the Cleveland Browns newly drafted QB, Johnny Manziel the hottest rookie in the NFL? He is on his rookie card. As a matter of fact the card shows fire around the ...

Josh Gordon weed in the car
Josh Gordon facts it was a normal traffic stop until the officer smelled marijuana in the Browns receivers car.

Is Josh Gordon one of the dumbest people you ever heard of? Not only was the Cleveland Browns receiver speeding over the Memorial day weekend, someone was smoking marijuana in his car. ...

Buster Skrine impressing browns coaches this season
Cleveland Browns new defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil loves what he is seeing from DB Buster Skrine he could be the starter over Gilbert.

Cleveland Browns defensive back Buster Skrine, started to show progress last season. Apparently, Skrine has continued to build through the naturally occurring maturing process of playing in the NFL. O’Neil has nothing but ...

Johnny Manziel lawsuit
Woman filing lawsuit claiming Johnny Manziel sent her pictures of his penis in a hot dog bun has to be a joke. A sick one at that.

A report of a woman buy the name of Samantha Schacher, filing a lawsuit against Cleveland Browns newly drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel, has to be a joke. The woman is claiming that ...

Jimmy Haslam III
Long time Cleveland Browns fan and area media mogul John Gorman suggests the NFL should introduce a “stupid test.”

With all the new developments with the Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, Cleveland area media mogul John Gorman can’t understand how the NFL could let a guy like Jimmy Haslam III, ...

Brian Hoyer wins local cook-off
Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer already winning. He won a local cooking competition.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer already started his 2014 season off with a win. It may not be the kind of win Cleveland fans were hoping for, but hey, a win is ...

Donte Whitner the hitner returns to Cleveland
Cleveland Browns safety Donte Whitner (The Hitner) body may have been in San Francisco but he left his heart in Cleveland.

When the Cleveland Browns signed free agent Donte Whitner, they gave him a chance to reunite his heart with his body. Whitner is a guy who played his way to the top ...

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