Cleveland Browns GM Sees in Wide Receiver Greg Little what others can’t

Little has a willingness to continue to improve as a wide receiver. People wonder why the Browns haven’t parted ways with Little this off-season, have no idea how hard he is working to become a better wide receiver.

Little is a big fast guy

, who once he catches the football, has the ability to get physical with the defenders and fight for every yard he can get. Farmer likes that kind of toughness in his players. He understands that Little has had problems in catching the football. But is willing to bring him to camp to see how he has improved.

It cost the team very little to watch Greg come to workouts and put on a demonstration his improvements. If Little has worked on catching the football this off-season, he can give the Browns another offensive weapon.

Farmer knows the Browns offense needs all the help it can get.

He also knows how hard Little is working on getting better. Last season the fans had very little to celebrate. With the way the team lost, it was hard to notice the improvements Little brought to the field.

He is a tough competitor and the Browns are hoping he can develop into a tough receiver too. it’s too early to part ways with Greg Little and Ray Farmer understands that.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. JIM V

    LG, I did see a little bit of ability with Little. I hope he has improved and then we will have another weapon on the offense. My opinion, he does warrant another look at before they cut him! I really hope Farmer is looking for hard-nose players, and not afraid of getting hit and can dish it out also!

    • LG

      I think he will be improved Jim. He was a bit improved last season and should be even better this season.


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