Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer already started his 2014 season off with a win. It may not be the kind of win Cleveland fans were hoping for, but hey, a win is a win and Hoyer is, after all the winner. When you’ve been a fan of the Browns as long as I have, you learn to celebrate any type of win the players get.

Last Friday, Hoyer beat out,local comedian Rick Smith at the celebrity cook-off at the Lago Restaurant and Wine Bar. Who would have thought Hoyer can cook?  The two had the task of preparing of creating a three-course meal in front of 20 judges.

One of those judges on hand was Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor. If you know Taylor, you would have to know this guy enjoys to eat and he knows a few things about good food.

All the dishes in the event had to be cooked on a grill. Maybe Hoyer is the guy to plan your next back-yard barbeque. Hoyer  created a 3 course meal consisting of, mussels, a grilled romaine salad, truffle beef tenderloin and grilled vegetables.

Smith is claiming he got robbed. He people were claiming his lamb chops were the best they’ve ever tasted. Smith thinks Hoyer being the local guy won over the judges.

If you had any question about the health of Hoyers knee, you can see he is in good enough shape to run around and prepare a 3 course meal. It isn’t the same as running around on the football field, but those chefs have to hustle nonetheless.

Lets hope Brian Hoyer can continue to provide wins once the regular season starts.


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