The Cleveland Browns better find a way to score plenty of touchdowns Sunday if they plan on winning their 2013 season opener. The Weather Forecast for Sunday’s game at First Energy Stadium is calling for 10-20 M.P.H. winds with gusts up to 35 M.P.H..

With the wind coming off Lake Erie and swirling around inside the Home of the Cleveland Browns, it is going to be difficult for Billy Condiff to kick field goals. This guy has enough trouble making field goals inside domed stadiums let alone out side in the elements.

The wind plays games inside the Brown stadium, it takes kickers a while to get used to playing the wind. It is going to have an effect on throwing the football too. Anyone who has ever been in the stadium when the wind is blowing can see how is swirls around.

The flags don’t seem to blow in one direction and for players who aren’t used to which way to angle the football it can be very difficult to put the ball through the uprights. Lets hope this Sunday’s game against the Dolphins isn’t close and it doesn’t have to come down to a last minute field goal for the Browns to win their first home opener in 13 years.

If it does and Condiff misses the kick, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the guy….

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  1. RICK

    LG, The wind must of been different when he kicked for the Browns. I think he was perfect in his stint with the Browns before. Those must have been windless days LOL

    • LG

      Rick, since then he has been cut by how many teams? And he is not the same as he was then…His confidence has to be shot….

  2. RICK

    Wow I’m worried now LOL

    • LG

      Me too Rick…..LOL


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