For the Dallas Cowboys quarterback to come out and say the team doesn’t care what the media thinks, demonstrates that he is just as  arrogant  as the team’s owner Jerry Jones. Check that, he may have just passed Jones in the arrogant  department.

Romo has to say stupid things to cover up some of his stupid play in the field last season or the 6 seasons before last season. Romo is one f the dumbest quarterbacks in the NFL. He doesn;t think on the field and he showed with his statement off the field he is just as dumb.

Perhaps he got some of his dumbness during his time with Jessica Simpson, maybe some of her rubbed off on Romo. The guy could have been a great player in the NFL if he would just stop and think for a second before putting his foot in his mouth both on and off the field.

The Cowboys were known as America’s team, the media helped make them the team the entire country grew to love. Of course that was long before Tony Romo or Jerry Jones had anything to do with them.

Now, both of them are doing their best to destroy the dynasty there once was in Dallas. If Romo performs as poorly as he did last season, the media is going to rip him a new one. Who can blame them.

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  1. jerry

    you, are a f*#king idiot. Look at the guys numbers last season moron. Not only is Romo one of the best quarterbacks statistically, keep in mind he doesn’t play defense or offensive line. when they can support the run and stop other offenses you will eat your words about how DUMB he is!

    • LG

      Look at how many INT’s he threw.

      • Billy

        Romo’s QBR>other QB’s QBR. He gets the team in a position to win most times. The team has to help him out more. i would take him over several other QB’s that have won the super bowl (Eli,flacco)

        • Billy

          >MOST other QB’s***

      • ohsixn

        Look at how he and Dez Bryant had them in position to make the playoffs despite having 7 guys from the defense on IR by week 10.

      • OQ

        LG-judging by your style(or lack thereof)of writing, I’m going to guess you are not part of that sacred media that Romo dare disrespect by saying he/the Cowboys don’t care what they think. The sports world media in particular has got to be some of the most laughable, self-serving, self-important, never-actually-played-sports bunch of hacks in the industry. And when someone even remotely points out their real-world irrelevance, those same hacks come out of the woodwork spewing venom lol. LG, don’t take offense, you’re not really a writer.

    • Daryl

      Do you know where she is obvious misinterpretation of words. What should I do.

    • RS

      All stats aside, he said what he said because of the stupid things reporters say. Take the words in the article above…the reporter calls him dumb on and off the field. If you’re a man and you’re gonna take words like that without firing something back…I would question your manhood. He’s finally tired of being criticized…I’m glad he said it. He was simply telling the truth, the media’s opinion shouldn’t matter to them…afterall, the media doesn’t pay them…WE do.

  2. dave

    why is it so bad for him to tell the media
    off. does the media ever talk about what he does right? hardly ever. he isnt arrogant. he stats the truth . if he listened to the media he would be as bad as Russel or Tebow. yes he has mad bad plays , but the majority of the come when they are behind and he tries to make play. why dont the media put blame on the defense as much as him…. oh yeah he is romo i forgot.

    • Kyle

      Exactly Dave, I would be the same way F the media they demise most people anyway most of the time. F’em is how I see if I wouldn’t give a damn about the media if I was in Romo’s shoes. As far as saying he sucks as a quarterback Its not all on him shit if you were getting chased around the field and had less than a 1.5second to throw the ball you’d suck balls to. So all you Romo haters out there can suck it. If he sucks this year after improving the line then you have a valid agreement. Give the guy some credit and quit hating on him because your not in his shoes make his money. Suck on em.

      • RS

        Right guys,,,he struck a major nerve when he said they didn’t matter. Now “SOME” have hurt feelings and wanna call him dumb…LOL…dumb enough to make well over $100mill on one contract…what does your reporting job pay?
        I laughed my butt off when I read his words to the media.

  3. Anonymous

    This wrighter is the dumb one screw him

    • LG

      Did you see what your reply said?

  4. mtcowboyfan

    Oh did Tont hurt your feelings. What a joke. Maybe you should grow a pair.

  5. MC

    Seriously? Telling the press that he doesn’t care what the media thinks is not arrogant or dumb. While Jones is an idiot about football (not business), that statement doesn’t make Romo because why should he care about what the media thinks. Does the media hit the gym for him? Does the media know more about his playbook than he does? Does the media play O-line or defense for him? Since when is media his position coach? Should he really care about “media” that reports on Kim Kardashian’s lips and other useless things? He didn’t say the fans are useless, that he doesn’t need to improve, or he couldn’t care less about his teammates. Saying “don’t make dumb plays” is a moronic statement. By that rational, you could go out and be a smart/great QB because listen to the critiques of the media. See how dumb that sounds? Beyond that, caring about what other people think generally makes you superficial. Since and he doesn’t care about about useless media types like yourself, then your feelings got butt hurt. So you make outlandish claims and think you are justified. How did you get your job? Out of anything it shows that he is focused on getting better and it doesn’t matter what the media thinks

    • Sam

      Well said.

    • ed

      MC is dead on and I see LG has no response. If you actually take the time to listen to the whole interview, he said it was about getting it done on the field. Unless you keyboard jockeys are planning on putting on the pads and un-tethering your large behinds from the chair, then NOTHING you do or say matters. LG is just as bad as any other moron that latches on to whatever headline perks the interest of their tiny little brain and takes to the internet to bleat their worthless opinion about it like they are some kind of expert. He wants to call someone else stupid? Comical.

  6. mtcowboyfan

    Did Tony hurt your feelings? What a joke. Just grow a set.

    • Loren green

      That’s what I’m saying

  7. Toney Williams

    Well there’s your problem you can’t spell its writer not wrighter lol moron

  8. Potter

    Tony Romo is a terrible quarterback because he doesn’t care what the media believes as their misconstrued concepts. So if he cared what some journalist, paparazzi, blog spot writer or editorial columnist wrote or thought he would be a magnificent quarterback from a proud dynasty trying to regain their throne. Thruth be told, Romo isn’t a great quarterback but he is not a bad quarterback either. Romo is an average player and an average player on a very media scrutinized team is not going to help alleviate pressure. He trys tombe great but makes mistakes trying to take the control of a team. Mark Sanchez is equally as untalented as Tony Romo. Tony Romo has a huge pay check though andnSanchez is borderline unemployed.

    • Kyle

      MARK SANCHEZ sucks on Rex Ryan’s nuts why you think he is still there? Don’t ever put Sanchez and Romo in the same sentence again moron, not even comparable.

  9. Blu Kenshi

    Romo has good stats but is not a big game quaterback. I would take Eli Manning over Romo any day. Romo may have better stats than most QB’s but when it comes down to it he is not the type of leader we need in Dallas. I agree though that we need to step up on the O line but that has not always been a problem. Romo has had great protection at times and made dumb plays. The play calling is horrible too we will completley move away from the run even if it is working in the first half. I dont like Romo but without the run he is never going to have a chance.

  10. Loren green

    Why is it that when a athlete or a high profile person attacks the media and u all get butt hurt…..but u the media can say what u all want and they are suppose to take it

  11. Yimminy Blowfly

    Can you read? What Romo said is it doesn’t matter what the media says. The game is going to be played on the field.
    Arrogant? No. Just a fact. The game is going to be played on the field. All games are played on the field. It doesn’t matter what writers write; nothing anyone says can affect the outcome of the game being played on the field. Anyone who thinks different is a bit narrow minded.

  12. Damieon

    The only “dumb” one here is the writer of the article. So, because Tony said the media scrutiny doesn’t bother him and your opinion of him doesn’t matter, he is arrogant? Well, give me arrogant all day. You idiots in the media are so superficial and will write anything to get someone to read the filth that is printed. He certainly doesn’t have to answer or cater to you or your opinion. He has God, family, an owner and teammates to be concerned with. You’re mad because you don’t make the list. Your feelings got hurt and now he’s the one that’s dumb. Not only are you a non-factor, you are a moron and you still will have to work for your money long after Tony retires with or without a ring. Haters never prosper and you will struggle in your craft as long as you attempt to vilify someone else. What a self-righteous jerk you are. Now, how does it feel to have someone judge you on your talents while not knowing what you’ve gone through to get where you are? In fact, I volunteer to do your job, since its apparently obvious, you’re no better at it than Romo allegedly is at his.

  13. dennis

    you are a cry baby b-tch where are you from Washington? learn how to spell idiot its ooooooooooooooooof not f.dam you a ought to be fired like you say romo should.

  14. CFree

    Jeez.. what blithering idiocy… What kind of hack writes this kind of kindergarten op-ed (if you want to call it that) does some agency actually pay him for writing this crap?

  15. Soulfiregirl

    You’re a journalist? For real? And you called MY QB dumb??? I agree with CFree. Go write for The Eagles you idiot. Stay off of my Cowboys!!!

    • Cfree

      Thank ya sister!!

  16. HosierDaddy

    So he’s really not worried about what McNabb or any other media person says about him. What QB in the NFL is worried?? Suddenly the same response that any player in the league would give makes Tony arrogant? Childish article is full of juvenile delinquent hate.

  17. calken54

    jerry jones is the season Dallas hasn’t done anything since Jimmy was rushed out of Dallas.

    • RandyWhiteFan54

      That’s reason, not season.

  18. 25ocled

    His remark was calm and classy. McFlabb attacked like a troll. Tony’s not worried. Yet you’re angry and bitter enough to attack Romo? Arrogance oozes from your keyboard LG. What did Romo do to make you so hostile and bitter? I’m an Eagles fan and would love to have Romo as our qb. I hate the Cowboys, but respect all individuals. I’m guessing you’re 15 years old and a Redskins fan.

  19. s m maestas

    This article is about as stupid as it gets….Romo is arrogant because he doesn’t care what YOU think. Sounds kind of arrogant on your part …..

  20. aj sparks

    bitter much? media sucks!!

  21. mtcowboyfan

    Come on mr journalist(he yeah rite) tell us what got you so butt hurt. What did Romo say that was so bad? Every other article I’ve read on this subject has told the whole story and most of these writers just laughed it off.

  22. Luminator

    Wow! This writer is so confused. As usual, when someone needs attention, they write something stupid about the Cowboys or Tony Romo by making stupid stuff up.

  23. Cending0

    Before calling out someone’s intelligence, maybe you should click on the spell checker. It’s very easy to use. Next time, if you would just stop and think for a second before putting your foot in your mouth with this piece of garbage article, then you wouldn’t look like such a dumba– for not using the spell checker.
    Romo throws for the 9th highest single season total in passing yards, and he gets nothing but grief. Several key players are out on defense, the running game was ranked 31st, and only one position is guaranteed on the offensive line this upcoming season (Tyron Smith), but Romo’s the REAL problem?? While Jerry Jones is always everyone’s whipping boy, the man is the best salesman in the country. Everyone brings up the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances every year, and then they go .500. How many other teams miss the Playoffs and are still in serious Super Bowl contention talk each year? Either he has everyone believing they are always a Super Bowl team, they really are “America’s Team” (love them or hate them), or it’s both. I don’t hear anyone talking up the Detroit Lions like they are a player or coach away from the Super Bowl. Stafford’s elite, right? 4-12. How many of those has Romo had?

  24. Dennis Thomas

    I don’t blame Tony Romo for telling the media off. The Cowboys have been horrendous for several years. It was the dumbest thing in the world for Jerry Jones to listen to a fluke like Bill Parcells and change the Cowboys to a 3-4 over the 4-3 defense. The Cowboys have been great in the past because they were a 4-3 team. When they went to a 3-4 they existed under nothing but injuries year after year.

    Yes I will say criticism of Jerry Jones did do some good because it took so long to finally soak into his poor brain that he screwed up a long time ago. Yes Jerry has had one great coach, a loose cannon but a great coach. However when Jimmy Johnson left he found he could not make a winner out of Miami so something in his system must have also been screwed up too.

    Now the Cowboys have a chance to improve over the past an even break as I would call it. Tony Romo was not the cause Jerry was. Maybe Jerry is the new Al Davis of the NFL but I hope not. Remember Jerry let the offensive line turn into total crap and you can have the most brilliant quarterback that ever picked up a football but if he has no protection it is useless he is going to get killed. Tony is lucky he is alive today.

  25. Sam

    Who is the frickin’ media to judge anyone??? The jack off that wrote this article obviously couldn’t do anything socially acceptable, so he became a journalist.

  26. David

    Oh, come on Romo. Everyone knows that the opinions of media are the most important things in the world. These are the smartest people in the world and their opinions are all important. Everyone needs to fall in line and agree with the media right away. (sarcasm font in use)

  27. CR

    To LG: YOU ARE THE MEDIA. LOL….has Romo’s comments sunk in yet buddy? LMAO

  28. CR

    This is what Tony Romo is refering to. Exactly what your reading…MEDIA. These clowns love to write and publicize about NFL players that they are not fans of. LG is probably a fan of Justin Bieber anyways…or maybe the wife ins’t getting fed enough at home? Hahahaha.

  29. Grammar police

    Real quick, before you call someone dumb, make sure your article is devoid of writing errors. Paragraph 2: 1) It is “on the field,” not “in the field.” If you were in the field, then it would be impossible to play the game. 2) “Of” not “F.” 3) “doesn’t,” not “doesn;t.” Paragraph 3: 1) “Perhaps he had” not, he “got.” 2) Semi colon after Jessica Simpson, not a comma. Paragraph 4: 1) Semi colon after “America’s team.”2) Instead of “of course” continue the sentence with “that.” Otherwise it is almost a fragment (which being a writer you should know at). 3) Since you wrote America’s team as singular, you cannot finish the paragraph with “them.” Using “it” instead of “them would have been appropriate. Paragraph 5: 1) “There was once”is bad English. Using “that was once in Dallas” would have correct. 2) You last sense is in the form of a question, try finishing it with a question mark.

    • LG

      Man you do a great job….Can I make you the editor?

      • ed

        That’s funny but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you don’t have the authority to make someone empty a trash can. So hiring and editor is way out of your scope. Way to aim high though.

      • Luminator

        How about you let some else write articles about Romo?

        • LG

          Go right ahead you write one then send it to me and I would be more than happy to publish it for you….

          • Luminator

            You want a free ride? That is a cop out.

            You have to gain your own credibility by being a responsible journalist.

            If you pay closer attention to what Romo actually said vice how you misinterpret or misuse words to convey something that is not there.

            All the media talk is hype and does not translate to what happens in the field.

            Good luck.

          • LG

            The problem in Dallas is the only thing happening on the field the last couple of season has been Romno’s stupid mistakes..He is the worse Cowboys QB in years.

          • Luminator

            You stepped in it, you get out of it on your own. Man up and take responsibility for misusing words or misinterpreting people.

          • Luminator

            Without Romo, Dallas would have lost more games. There were at least 3-4 losses that were the Coach, the defense, or the special team’s fault.

            It is a fact that Romo gives the Cowboys more chances to win than losses.

            Tony has done more with less. You only see the mistakes or bring up isolated plays for must win games. You need to weigh the mistakes against the good choices too. If the team plays well through out the season, it never gets to a do or die game and everyone pins all hope on Romo. He can not win alone as you and many other naysayers try to convey.

            As a responsible writer one must be open minded and consider the whole picture, not just bits and pieces to sensationalize an article.

  30. Scott

    ur an a@@. Yeah he stupid..he has thrown more away than you have achieved. His numbers still are at the top, we had so many problems last year, yet we almost made it to playoffs. This year is gonna be exciting, and we have the right tools to help Romo out.

  31. Luminator

    Romo did not say the team does not care. He said the media does not matter. In context to that, the only thing that matters is what happens on the field, not in the media as you want to twist words and make an issue.
    Saying that Romo is dumb and stupid is bias and subjective for a writer. Obviously, you do not understand that there is always more than one player on the field trying to win. Players do not play to lose games. They lose because the team effort is not always there. Expecting one player to win every game is ridiculous.
    Romo getting a rich contract is probably dumb too and the fact that Tony married a nice woman is also dumb.
    The Cowboys are known as Americas Team because of their popularity for having so many fans and having a rich history of winning seasons. The media did not make them Americas Team. NFL films capture the Cowboys popularity because of the huge fan base.
    Tony and Jerry are not trying to destroy the Cowboys. They are trying to do everything they can to win. Tony is the most valuable player for the team. With the exception of being the GM, Jerry is the most successful business man in football.
    Saying that the media is going to rip them a new is old news. What do you think the media has been doing the past decade? Everyone that does not like the Cowboys, always finds something negative to stir up fans.


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