By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

One of America’s most enjoyable past times is being near, around, or in some type of water sport. whether strolling on the beach, or basking in the sun. Water seems to draw us for whatever the reason. Today I want to take the time to take you fishing with me, if that’s alright. First things first, the right equipment is essential. You will need a seven-foot lightweight fishing rod, medium spinning reel,and monofilament ultralight line, that takes care of the top part of our equipment now for the parts under the water. A number six Aberdeen gold fishing hook , some assorted split shot for weight,and a good casting bobber preferably quill type.  To get the the best effect tie your hook using a cinch knot, place the split shot right above the knot, “oh I almost forgot”, not to heavy not to light, You don’t want to disable the movement of your bait. Now the best bait to use varies from region to region ,such as crickets in the south to maggots and minnows in the north, I have however caught some rather trophy crappies on crickets in the north. Now you are ready to go to work,Yes Work . The reason the crappie is called the paper is because the lips of the crappie are very thin and it takes very light touch to set the hook if you intend on bringing this one home for the skillet. when you see the bobber start to move wait wait and lightly lift high your rod until you feel the pull back  now you got . Enjoy the summer with kids Have fun!!!!

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