It isn’t often that Danica Patrick is left with nothing to say. That is exactly what happened following Sunday’s race in Charlotte. Both Patrick and Stenhouse left the track without giving statements to the press and neither driver said anything about the incident on Twitter as of late Sunday night.

Patrick had to be pissed at her boyfriend. I can imagine that their Memorial Day was a living hell. There is not too much that can be done about the accident, but I am sure Stenhouse was paying the price over the Holiday. Patrick is known to have a hot temper. She normally explodes a bit after an accident.

She didn’t even want to talk to the media in this case. She did how ever make a statement that was released to the media by her team. Here is what she said;

“I felt like we were making real progress and starting to get the car to a place that was really good, and had an accident, which is unfortunate because we were moving up,” Patrick said. “But nothing we can do about it now.”

Is Danica holding Steenhouse to a different standard than everyone else on the track? Sooner or later the facts about their weekend are going to surface. I’ll bet it is going to make for a good story hen it does….


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  1. Ann Thompson

    This should not surprise anyone, Danica is always mad at someone after a race and shaking her finger at them. I don’t remember a race where she wasn’t mad. Maybe its time for the lovers to split, enough is enough. Ricky is to good for her I don’t care how much skin she shows in the commericals. Nascar would be better without her in it.

  2. Jerry Higdn

    I looked at the vidios several times and I think the writers are making a big deal out of nothing.
    It seems that she stuffed her nose in there and they ran out of real estate.


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