David Ortiz, will long remember the post season of 2013. He performed at a level some can only Dream of. Ortiz was going to let his Red Sox be denied a shot at the world championship and his post season play was elevated to a level you don’t normally see.

The Red Sox were lucky to have Ortiz in their line-up. He brought power and experience to the team. He was a huge reason the Red Sox made into the World Series and he is a huge reason they won it.  It is only fitting they gave Ortiz the MVP award.

He should be honored and  after the tragic incident the great people of Boston went through just 6 months ago, it is great to see they have reason for celebration. Ortiz could be elected mayor of Boston after the performance he put on this post season.

He is a great player and he will be in the history books as one of the all time great performers in post season history. He hit .688 against the Cardinals, and he batted .750 though much of the post season.

When was the last time we saw a guy perform at the plate as this level?

Talk about being a clutch player, David Ortiz fits that description. He is a hero in Boston and deserving so. Enjoy your time in the sun Mr. Ortiz, you deserve it…

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  1. Tyrone Jackson

    Sorry fan david is a baseball cheat he on something b up to the redsocks but David is on something you don’t get better when you are older if not now but down the road he’s play the game outstanding he deserves an Oscar but it is what it is he’s a cheater


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