By Bishop Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin

“Besides being an amazing athlete and an absolute force on the field, he was a really one of the guys and someone who liked people,” said,  general manager of the Deacon Jones Foundation, aimed at helping kids from disadvantaged areas get a college The Deacon Jones Foundation is committed to developing leaders…young, educated, talented, intelligent, accomplished people, who understand their commitment to the inner-city communities from which they come, and have the tools and the desire to return…to give back of their knowledge; to help those less fortunate; to help stem the cycle of inner-city strife and continuous depreciation of neighborhoods; to be positive role models for others to emulate; and to continue the process that the Deacon Jones Foundation has begun.

A most integral component of the Deacon Jones Foundation’s “7 YEAR PROGRAM” is the student’s participation within his or her own community. It is necessary that the students understand their communities and just what their own life-long community commitment must be. They must see it first-hand. They must understand the meaning of volunteerism and know that they can make a difference. We will empower our youth, and, through them, help rebuild what were once vital and thriving communities where people can be proud to live, where corporations can feel free to do business, and where everyone can prosper.

The Deacon Jones Foundation is HANDS-ON, ONE-ON-ONE, and INDIVIDUAL. Our students are constantly monitored by the “Strike Force”, as well as by the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, in order to offer the maximum possible assistance to assure the utmost success for our students and for the communities that are served.

This great football player will always be remebered as the sackmaster and one who was about sacking trouble kids finding theie way into the leadership of this great country..He will be missed Rest in Peace Mr. Jones

Bishop Abu H. Mujahiddin, The Sports Outreach Ministries Show

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