It doesn’t take long for Pete Carrol to address one of the Seattle Seahawks weaknesses. On the plane ride home after last weeks game he had a long talk with J.R. Sweezy with hopes of improving his offensive line play before this Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

Carroll knows the running game can only get better,he also knows the key to a win over the 49ers is going to be great offensive line play. He needs his guys to toughen up and run block so the backs can help the Russell Wilson led offense control the time of possession.

If the Seahawks can keep the ball out of the 49ers QB’s hands it is going to help them come out on top in this game. Harbaugh is no dummy, he knows after watching the game film that the Seahawks o-line had some difficulties against the Panthers.

What he doesn’t know is how fast the Seahawks can reverse the problems. If the line plays the way they did in 2012, the Seahawks will run all over the 49ers defense. This will allow the Seahawks to open up a passing attack that will take apart the 49ers secondary.

The key is to keep the proper balance throughout the game. If Carroll can keep his offensive unit well-balanced, the 49ers may not know what hit them. Sunday should tell the story. Knowing Carroll, I would think he has the problems well under control before the game starts…..

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  1. Jay Bowlden

    Only thing we cant fix is using Michael Robinson the best blocking back in the NFL, since he is no longer on the roster

  2. ColinJ

    This guy is the elephant in the living room that nobody wants to talk about. A
    DT tackle taken in the 7th round because he had “good feet”. If the feet were that good and he was athletic why was he not taken as a DT? I have not broken down film and graded blocks, but my observations are that he is only average on his best day. They should have drafted a good guard and let go of Tom Cable’s science experiment.


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