With the Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski set to undergo back surgery this Teusday, we have to wonder if Tim Tebow will be the Patriots new tight end this season. When the Patriots reached out and signed Tebow many were left wondering why.

With Brady playing quarterback and the back-up QB that the coach really likes, there is little chance that Tebow would be taking snaps from behind center. Now that Gronk is set to have back surgery the need for a reliable tight end comes to the surface for the Patriots.

Could Tebow be on the receiving end of Tom Brady’s passes this season? Yes, he could be,Tebow will do anything the Patriots need him to do to help the team win. There is nobody in the game more dedicated to helping their team more than Tim Tebow.

The question is whether or not Tebow can take the beating that tight end in the national football league are subjected to during an NFL season.

Tebow has shown in the past that he can run with the football. This season he might have to show his blocking ability as well as his receiving ability. With Gronk undergoing another surgery there are big shoes to fill in New England, whether or not Tebow will be the guy to try to step into those shoes is something we are going to have to wait and see.

They brought Tebow to New England for something, what that something is, we still don’t know. We could be finding out soon enough.

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