Donald Trump has the current establishment running scared.  America has come to a point, where Trump is the only candidate running for the office of President of the United States that makes sense. The current establishment if afraid of him.

Why you wonder? Because Trump won’t be bought. He doesn’t take money from special interest groups, and he won’t owe anyone and special favors, including the United States Senate, and the Congress.

For the first time in my life time, we have a person running for President, who isn’t afraid to say what he is thinking. This also scares people. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, won’t even throw his support behind Trump, even though he is representing the so-called republican party.

Ryan is letting his personal agenda, cloud his better judgement. Ryan said, that until Trump changes his views, he can’t in good conscience support him. Why won’t Ryan change his views? It really makes me wonder why the Speaker of the House, thinks his personnel agenda is more important than saving America and making the country great again.

Trump is a very successful business person, and he has been able to negotiate deals throughout the entire world. He knows how to get the job done, and the current establishment doesn’t.

The great Abraham Lincoln once said;

that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Well where is it? Where has it been? The people who are our elected officials, could care less about the people. The only thing they care about, is filling their pockets with money from special interests, and becoming multi-millionaires. They have forgotten about the people.

A lot of these elected officials don’t even go to work on a regular basis. Our tax dollars are paying these people to do a job, they don’t even do. Look at Senator Marco Rubio. He missed over 120 votes. Where was he? Why wasn’t he doing his job? How many others are not doing their jobs?

Once Trump wins the White House, we are going to know who’s not performing their duties. Trump will probably hold press conferences to tell the public, on who’s not performing, or who won’t pass legislation to help America keep jobs in this country.

Trump loves America. He made billions of dollars in America, and he sees the problems American’s are facing on a daily basis. Just listen to him talk about our Veterans. These people put it all on the line to protect our freedom, and they can’t even get the medical care they were promised.

Meanwhile, we have a boat-load of illegal immigrants coming into this country receiving medicare. Who pays for this? Just take a look at one of your pay-stubs, and you’ll understand who pays for this. We do, each time we get paid, they deduct money out of your check to pay for medicare.

Would you willing take money out of your pockets, to pay for illegal immigrants, while American Veterans are living on the streets? I know I wouldn’t.

It’s time to wake up people. Trump is the only candidate running for President, that can save our country.  Sure he is a little raw at times, but most successful people are. He knows how to bring people together, and he knows how to get things done.

That’s something that the current establishment lost track of long ago. America is losing jobs at an alarming rate. While I think it’s good to have a world economy, I think it’s wrong that an American manufacturing establishment, can lay-off all their workers and move their manufacturing process to Mexico, or some other country, just so the CEO and the stock holders can increase their bottom-line.

Trump can change all that. How about the United States Military? These brave men and women have to pay for their own uniforms. They go into war, without the proper equipment they need. Trump has promised to rebuild the military, bringing it up to date, and making it the strongest military in the world, once again.

You may not like all the things Trump says, but he is a guy who can get things done. He isn’t part of the current establishment, and if you’re paying attention, you’ve already noticed the current establishment is running scared.

They know Donald Trump brings serious change to politics, and this scare the hell out of these politicians. The Gravy-Train free ride these people have been on is going to end when Trump wins the oval office. They know it and they  don’t like it.

It’s time for a change folks. Trump will bring real change to America, at a time when real change is necessary for this counties survival. Trump will beat Hillary Clinton and win the oval office if people are smart. Clinton has made millions from special interest groups and could care less about a Government, that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Lets make America great again. Lets leave this country in better shape than it’s in . Lets be smart enough to vote Trump this fall, and let’s get the ball rolling.




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  1. JIM V

    At first I thought Trump for POTUS??? Are people crazy!!! Then he said something that caught my attention! I ‘m a “Businessman, Not a Politician! He’s right!!! Look where we are with Politicians…We’re headed to Hell in a basket. WE are Bankrupt, Know person that is responsible for what happened on wall street is in prison. we have lost 100 of thousands of jobs and Companies! What do we have to lose? We haven’t had a good President since JFK. He was murdered because he couldn’t be bought, just as his brother Bobby! What can they promise Trump??? He ‘s already a Billionaire! My friends if you can afford to have a Boeing 757 as a private jet. You already have a ton of money, because some of the 1 -per-centers can’t afford to own and operate one of those that size! Plus I think he has a couple of smaller ones! How much more damage could be done by Trump, then has been done by the people in D.C. already???

    • LG

      That’s the point Jim V. Trump isn’t your typical typ person running for the office.


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