By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

Man I got to tell you Wade you sure got some big kahunas . Here we just had a situation in Alabama, where students could not have mixed prom in the deep south, and HERE you take a Floridian to her prom. Man that’s a statement for sure.  Lets see now she wasn’t white only light, so theirs no attack,no foul no harm. I know that you took a great risk, look into your own community, are there no risk ! We often find it hard to expect praise for our efforts as little black. Give us more to praise about you than the little insignificant jestures and charities that your public relations people throw our way just to pacify the minority population.We know that Miami is majority Cuban. We also truly know how they separate themselves  from the Dark skinned population of Miami Dade County, Florida. So once again my dark skinned brother popularity still dictates prosperity. How far in modern supported racism do we have fall before we stop allowing tricks to stop tripping our people. Yes my brother there was a little sister some- where That could have told this story to her children. How often have our forlorn hero’s have been chosen for us. Accepting what ever bone we were thrown.Here you have opportunity in your arena to make significant in the psychiatry of how we think of ourselves,promoting the highest self esteem Mr. wade before you leap into something consider your own first . A man that does not take care of his own especially those of his own house is worst than an infidel. Have you not been taught the principals strength.Yes we are Americans together every where except America. I may not be able to spell that well but the spirit of whats been written, should penetrate your understanding.

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