It is starting already in the city of brotherly love. Eagles tight end¬†Brent Celek , is saying Chip Kelly’s offense is insane. We knew people would be talking about Kelly’s high-powered offense in the NFL and we knew Kelly was insane the moment he hired Pat Shurmur as the Eagles offensive coordinator.

Celek said the communications in Kelly’s offense is what made it insane, after the second mini camp for the team. What we want to know is, how is Shurmur able to understand it? Shurmur has been one of the worse offensive coordinators in the NFL over the past several seasons.

Kelly is going to have his hands full trying to turn the Eagles around. Last season they only won 4 games in 2012. Now he not only has to get his system ready for the NFL, he has to make it understandable to the players, and his new offensive coordinator.

It is going to be an interesting season for the Eagles and Kelly’s high-powered offense. This is the NFL and not college football. Will Kelly’s system work in the NFL? That is the question many are waiting for the answer to.

If it does work, the Eagles will have an advantage this season. Not many teams will be able to defend against it. If it doesn’t work, Kelly will look like a bust and the Eagles ownership will look stupid for hiring Kelly.

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  1. Robb Taylor

    Hey Brent….We love you dude….just catch the ball whoever throws it or however it gets there !!!


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