People who had the displeasure of watching Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden start the 2013 season already know he has problems playing the position.  After week one ESPn has him ranked next to dead last. There is only one quarterback int he NFL with a worse T.Q.R. than Brandon Weeden according to the ESPN ranking system.

Weeden comes into his second NFL season playing just as bad as he did in his first NFL system. This time, the fans can’t blame the Browns coaching staff. The entire coaching staff has been revamped and according to them, they custom-built the Browns offense to fit Weeden’s skill set.

In his last 2 performances it looked like Weeden was going to struggle. The only time he looked half way decent was against a not ready for the season Lions in the preseason and the St. Louis Rams in the preseason. When Weeden faced the pressure of the Colts pass rush in game 3 of the preseason he couldn’t compete on the NFL level and after watching him in the season opener he could compete against a Miami Dolphins team that wasn’t favored to come into the Browns home stadium and win the game.

The Cleveland Browns front office knew they had a problem at the QB position coming into the season and that is why they signed Campbell and Hoyer. The problem now rests on the shoulders of rookie head coach Rob Chudzinski who may have his own problems to fix, but that is the topic of another article.

The Browns may be off to another losing season and  it is a shame for the die-hard fans who want to see a winning season. It is going to be difficult for that to happen is the Browns continue to start a struggling Weeden.

How soon do you think the Browns head coach will make the change? Leave your comments below and let us know if you think the Browns should make a change at the QB position.

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  1. keith

    Who is the QB with a worse rating?.

    • LG

      Blaine Gabbert, JAC with a rating of only 1.2

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    get weeden out of their NOW!! lets get Cambell working with the first team NOW!! Weeden’s had 17 games 4 preseason games an he’s just not progressing,at least cambell can scramble has nfl experience an is smart,I’m sorry but weeden’s got to go!!!

  4. DAVE

    I’M NOT GONNA WASTE MY TIME WATCHING OR LISTENING TO ANOTHER BROWNS GAME UNTILL I HEAR THAT THEY WON A COUPLE GAMES. Yes, I know, I’ll probably have all my Sundays free for other things all season.

  5. Don

    I am a season ticket holder. I went to the game yesterday and left with 8 minutes left in the third quarter. I left because what I was watching made me sick
    I came home and watched San Fran and Green Bay then I watched Dallas and Giants.
    What a pleasure it is to watch four good football teams go at it.
    Watching the Browns is like watching a bad high school team.

  6. Ron DiLalla

    Let’s make the change immediately and go with Campbell. He gives us the best chance to win now. Work for the next draft. I can,t see one team taking Weeden if they let him go..That pretty much sums it up.

    • Keith

      Let’s not. Let’s look at where Weeden was let down, use a bit of common sense and stick with him just a little longer. One game is not enough to know what you presume to know, and watching the tape with an open mind would allow you to see that. Campbell would have had the same problems with yesterdays circumstances.

      • Christopher Kellar

        One game? do you not see the pre-season,or any of the games last year. Weeden cannot play, period. As for Campbell, he can scramble, he can see and read the defense, Weeden can’t. We have seen enough, if they stay with Weeden, three wins this year if we are lucky.

        • One fan says...

          I have honestly never seen such a collection of negative, uneducated, knee jerk, and occasionally petulant responses, than those registered by some so called fans of the Cleveland Browns after just one game.
          It is staggering that some of you consider yourself to be fans. The team deserves better, no matter what you might think, and quite frankly, although there is no chance of it happening, if they did move to LA I really wouldn’t blame them.
          You lot just don’t deserve a team here. You have no idea what supporting a team is all about. You have no sense of loyalty to any of the players or personnel. No real appreciation for the game, and your attacks on your own players are disgusting to read.
          Most of the reporting on here is bitching for the sake of bitching, and borders on victimization with some players. It is shocking to see.
          Most fans fail to see the reasons Weeden was not effective, seeing only his own failings, which admittedly were plentiful. That’s because that is all they want to see. They seem to somehow enjoy wallowing in their own self pity and insignificance, and vent freely because it is what they enjoy doing, on a site which not only encourages it, but has been built on it too. It is like a comfort zone for some, just picking on a player like Weeden because it makes them feel better about themselves. They also criticize the coaching constantly without ever giving the opposing team any credit at all for just being better. It is very sad, and so disappointing.
          I want the Browns to win just as much as the true fans on here do, and I share the frustration of many. But the majority of posters on this site, and the host himself, do not deserve to be a part of this franchise, this team. You really should be ashamed of yourselves if you think for one second that slagging off everything Browns related, after one game, makes you fans in any shape or form.

          • LG

            The fans are sick and tired of being sick and tired…….They are sick of losing. People pay good money to go to a game and it is a waste…..What do you expect them to be happy about this garbage?

  7. marty

    get rid of weeden. he is not getting better, his mobility is not there, and he will be lucky if he completes half his pass attempts. last year he ranked in the worst three q b s in the n f l, he is back, only worse. we fans deserve better. hard to establish a running game, much less a winning season, if you consistently miss more passes than you hit. what was the browns third down eff.? 1 of 14?

  8. Straydog259

    I knew last year that BW was not a guy that would be around long. Please give Campbell a shot. Could he be worse?

  9. mvecchio13

    Weeden is not an NFL QB. All of the “lovers” need to understand the game and look at the games in their entirety. The man has no touch on his passes. You can’t throw the ball 90mph on every play! He is purely a baseball pitcher trying to be a QB. He cannot lead a receiver to save his life. The ball is always behind the target. He holds the ball for way too long. It needs to be out of his hands in 3 seconds or less. That is why he is getting hit. Take a look at all of the “good” QB’s in the league, they get rid of the ball quickly.


    It is past time for the new Managers to make a bold choice. Cambell and Hoyer are better candidates to take our Dawgs to a winning Season. This years Weeden is the same as last years Weeden. Give the other QBs the ball and we Dawgs will live with the results!

  11. Ron

    I would like a tryout… I played QB In 8th grade…

    • LG

      If you continued to throw the football, you probably have more experience than Weeden….

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you wish they took Ryan tannehill. But no you picked a running back. Kind of hard 2 run when They no they can stack the box. Sense they can’t throw. I’m a dolphin fan so I’m happy you went weeden tannehill had 320 this week with 117 passer rating

      • Patrick

        Tannehill is what weeden will never b. the numbers from the first two games tanehill has 600 yds and a passer rating of 107

  12. Patrick

    Should of picked tanehill with his 600 yards in last 2 games. And his 107 passer rating


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