There might have been only one Eddie Feigner, there are a lot of guys who like to play fast-pitch. There is little doubt who “The King” was, nobody ever pitched like Feigner did. Feigner’s meticulous records claim 9,743 victories, 141,517 strikeouts, 930 no-hitters and 238 perfect games, will never be broken. The guy was too good.

There are a group of guys that are scattered throughout the United states and Canada  that love fast-pitch just as much as Feigner did. These guys have a team called the Diamond Kings. The team is the brain child of a couple of guys that go by the name of, Justin Tersigni & Dwayne Curtis who run a the team.

These guys have some great players that will travel the North American continent playing in different Fast-Pitch soft ball tournaments.  The team is made up of a bunch of guys that have a multitude of experience in the game of baseball. Some of the team members actually played with Feigner on the King and his Court team.

These guys make up what they call Juice Baseball The Diamond Kings. Guys like Bryan Burrows Ingalls a catcher who live in New York state is just one of the players that makes up part of the roster. To view the talent these guys have on the roster you need to click here.

You won’t believe the talent level these guys have on their team and how far across the continent they come from for the love of the game. Yes, Eddie Feingner may be gone, but it is guys like the Diamond-Kings that are keeping his love of Fast-Pitch alive and well.

If you like Fast-Pitch you’re going to love the Diamond Kings.

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