Is the Cleveland Browns newly drafted QB, Johnny Manziel the hottest rookie in the NFL? He is on his rookie card. As a matter of fact the card shows fire around the Browns young quarterback. Manziel is one of the hottest topics in Cleveland now.

He is all over the place. People are doing anything they can to get a look at him. The team, has gone to making their fans register to attend training camp this year. They haven’t had to do that before. How hot will Manziel be if he gets the chance to play?

We may not find out this season. When the Browns drafted this hot rookie, they made it clear he would have to earn his way. So far, he has done what the team has asked him to do, and he looked a little shaky at times doing it.

But what can we expect from Johnny Football? He has to learn his way in the NFL. The game is faster than the way it they play it in college. So if you are a collector of sports memorabilia, you just might want to get your hands on the Manziel Hot Rookie card.

You never know, this could be a collector’s item one day. Thanks to our friend Denny Dice, we were able to get a peek at this rookie card.

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  1. JIM V

    I’ve had “ENOUGH” about hearing and reading about Manziel!!! He differently lost me when he walked across the stage giving the sign of “SHOW ME THE MONEY”! That to me told a whole lot about him! I am still amazed at how we have forgotten Brian Hoyer? The national news has now started a QB controversy! I can not believe that his Teammates aren’t getting tired of him already? He hasn’t even taken a snap in a game yet! I guess I’m just getting to old to understand what the HELL is going on??? I’ll just bet that our GM & Head coach are under a tremendous pressure to make Johnny Football to be the starting QB! Haslam needs the money. I can’t wait for the first time he takes a hit from a big 300+ lineman and buries his ass, then says to him “Welcome to the NFL!

    • LG

      He will be lucky to get up after taking that hit Jim V.


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