Colt McCoy is one play away from having to step in and help lead the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl. McCoy who was traded by the Browns earlier in the 2013 season, is enjoying a successful team for once in his NFL career.

Many in the Cleveland area didn’t give McCoy the respect he deserved. He was one to the winning-est QB’s in NCAA history. McCoy’s skill set was recognized by Jim Harbaugh the head coach of the 49ers.

Harbaugh took McCoy off of the Browns hands and named him Colin Kaepernick’s back up. McCoy threw a pass this season and completed it for a 13 yard gain. He has a 100% completion rate this season and a QB rating of 118.8%.

Sure the kid hasn’t played much. But the thing is, he is on a team that has a shot at winning the NFC Championship game today and if it came down to it, McCoy could be the guy taking the team to the Super Bowl.

He joined his teammate Phil Dawson in San Francisco and both former Browns players have never been part of a winning football team in their NFL careers.

It’s great to see these guys realize what it means to play for a winner. Dawson spent 14 years in Cleveland and he deserves a shot at a Super Bowl.

McCoy, is only one hit away from having to step in and lead the 49ers offense. Jim Harbaugh has enough faith in this kid to have him in this position. It’s a shame the people responsible for the talent in Cleveland were blind to McCoy’s talents.


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  1. Paul Avery

    LG, you wrote the article about the wrong person. Phil Dawson has contributed to the team in a big way this year, while Colt rode the bench. To brag of his 1-1 passing this year is a slap in the face to what Dawson has done. The only reason McCoy has a job is because he took a pay cut to league minimum. Otherwise, he would have been cut. And, heaven forbid, Kaepernick gets hurt, their season is over! McCoy, with his one pass, would be ill equipped to be pressed into service in such an important game and would make Brandon Weedon look like Johnny Unitas!

  2. Bob Jenkins

    As a Texas fan for 70 yrs. I recognize the worth of Phil Dawson,but the 49ers got a steal in Colt McCoy. He got a raw deal in Cleveland, and hasn’t gotten enuf reps yet in SF. I would like to see Colt in a Cowboy uniform as a backup. In any event time will tell….HOOKEM HORNS and God speed to Mack Brown!!!!!


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