Sam Rutigliano, is never one to hide his opinions. He talked about the NFL relaxing the rules when it comes to marijuana. Now, before you start attacking coach Sam’s personality, realize where he’s been throughout his life.

Coach Sam was one of the first NFL coaches, to help players with substance abuse problems.  Rutigliano was coach of the Cleveland Browns, in the 1970′s. The NFL had players hooked on substance abuse.

Rutigliano, witnessed first hand, how these players were running their lives, by spending large sums of money on cocaine. The Cleveland Browns took action, or should I say coach Sam Rutigliano took action.

He started the Inner Circle Foundation. Sam’s inner circle foundation is still running today. Rutigliano teamed up with doctor, Greg Collins, Section Head of Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Their mission was to help drug dependent players, beat their substance abuse addiction. It was the first program of its kind, for helping NFL players with drug problems.

The foundation’s mission today, is primarily focused on helping the inner city youth.

So, when coach Sam, tells you, the NFL relaxing the rules on  marijuana would be a catastrophe, you might want to listen. 3 out of 4 players who leave the NFL are usually broke in a matter of years these days. Their playing time has ended, but their life styles haven’t been able to adjust to the loss of income.

If that life style included, drug addiction, poverty could arrive even sooner.  Rutigliano has spent hours, educating these players. Coach Sam is one of those life-time educators who never gives up hope.

When he talks, he is generally sharing the knowledge, he’s gained in his 80 plus something years on this earth. Coach Sam is a guy who knows, and the NFL might want to consider his opinion on this issue.



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