It was a freak accident when the rope broke that held the CAMCAT over the Charlotte Motor Speedway. At least 10 fans were injured and some cars were damaged. Fox Sports has announced that the use of the CAMCAT has been suspended indefinitely.

NASCAR fans have taken a beating this season. There were 2 deaths tied to NASCAR races this season. The first was a fan that shot himself in the head while camping in the infield at a race, the second was the accidental drowning of Nick Bower who went missing at Talladaga.

Fox Sports has offered an apology to all the cars owners for the damage and to all the fans that were injured. Some of the fans that were hospitalized were released and ox Sports will find other alternatives to the CAMCAT to cover the races in the future.

They are reporting that the rope was made of Dyneema, which is suppose to have the same strength of steel. The force on the rope was only 900 pounds and it was suppose to be able to handle up to 9,300 lbs. before it would break.



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