By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

It is so often asked by millions of dark skinned people all over America, (why ?).The truth of it is, this and all other racially motivated killings of dark skinned people, is exactly that. If your eyes have been closed all this time, then could it be that, Travons  murder was done with Gods permission.

Extreme measures have sometimes or should I say always, have a way of causing drastic and traumatic change in the way we see things more clearly. I am not at all shocked at how it was all handled has anything really changed in how America deals with racial injustices. Regardless of race on race justice, when it comes down to it there is no justice, its  just them and us.

We don’t draft or lobby for laws to turn the face of justice, haven’t you even noticed, even with blindfold justice is not color blind.  To feel empathetic is rather hard to do right now  because, I too have been victim of this so called social equality, yet don’t most of us. We are sensitized by media of so called black on black crime to the point that our focus is not on the fact of how many other nationalities suffer the same atrocities daily.

So for the of true sympathy to the family of Travon rest assure he’s in good company I have no doubt that God has used him in a mighty mighty way to awaken us. remembering God is Justice it ain’t over till God says it’s over look for His Work (amen).

Roddy White Praise God for out spoken who speak after the fact. We need brothers like you who fear the Lord, and wish death on the wrong people, some times in our learning, we learn to much how to be like the world and less like the God we serve. I think  you need to rethink possible.

Do you really think that people (your Fans)appreciate you making a statement like that. My only question to you is do you really like football? Statements like that scare people, reality check the little family may love you for it , but I will lay odds on a sure thang yo and that is  not one of them is going to pay your rent mortgage or any other life style that you can afford.

Now if you really want to do something great. Help them through this greater suffering. Bring some greater joy into there life. Be their example of how we truly share their grief. Opinions are like a–holes everyone has one some are used for the right purpose and some aren’t.

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